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AMaj Guitar Chord

This is the AMaj Guitar Chord which may often be written as A or A Major. The guitar chord is one of the easiest to play as it can be barred. i.e. you can use one finger to press across all 3 strings.

AMaj Guitar Chord


Songs you would use A Major / AMaj Guitar Chord

I want to Break Free – Queen

Seven Seas of Rhye – Queen

The Chord of A Major is one of the fundamental chords to learn, if you picked 5 popular guitar songs at random you would probably that 2 or 3 would use the chord of A somewhere. The notes of the A Major chord are A C# and E so therefore if you strum all the strings, starting with the thickest E string, the notes you are playing are E A E A C# E in that order.

Since the notes E and A  (i.e. the 3 strings which you don’t have your fingers on) are in the scale of A Major there are no worries about playing or plucking all of the strings.