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Guitar Chords

This section contains a list of the most common guitar chords and most of these are easy to play. This is by no means a complete list of guitar chords which you could play, as this would be very extensive if it was. Each of the guitar chords is laid out with a graphical representation of where you should place certain fingers on the fret board. Simply select which guitar chord you wish to view from the list below. There is also a full list of guitar chords which contains all of the chords from this section – but may take a minute or so to load on a slower connection. Playing the guitar is a really enjoyable activity and one which many people want to do. If you learn the basics of guitar playing, which you hopefully will from this website then you will be well on your way to playing your favourite tunes. I hope you find the following chords helpful, each chord is demonstrated and a recommended set of chords are listed plus some easy songs which use those chords. Enjoy!

C Major Chord

E Major Chord

G Major Chord

A7 Chord

C Minor Chord

E Minor Chord

G Minor Chord

A min 7 Chord

D Major Chord

F Major Chord

A Major Chord

B Major Chord

D Minor Chord

F Minor Chord

A minor Chord

B Min Chord

Full List of Guitar Chords

This is a more complete list of guitar chords as they are all loaded on the same page. The easy reference which shows all the guitar chords on one easy to read page.

Playing Guitar

A few tips to get the most from learning guitar.

  • If you are buying a guitar find a good music shop or guitar stockist as you will want to try a few guitars to find which suit you best. I had a guitar when I was about 10 and was put off because my fingers were not big enough at that age – so find a suitable guitar for you and the size of your hands.
  • Always ensure your guitar is fully tuned up before practicing as you will not know if you any tuning issues are the way you are playing the chords or simply that the guitar is not correctly tuned. Most smartphones have guitar tuning apps which are free to download.
  • Every so often replace the strings on your guitar with good quality strings – saving a few euro, pounds or dollars is no comparison to hearing your guitar sound great.
  • Starting on guitar can be hard, especially when the strings hurt your fingers but this will pass with practice. Your fingers will get hard at the top.
  • Moving from one chord to another might seem daunting but believe me it will become quite fast when you know the patterns for each chord. Learn the guitar chords listed on this page and you will have a great start – you can then learn more advanced chords and later, when you understand how the chords are formed, you can use other techniques to play the guitar chords on higher frets.