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Music Information, Chords, Music Theory and Tab

I really enjoy music and I have played the piano since I was young, had a few lessons and did up to grade 5, but now I just play for my own enjoyment. I also started playing the guitar around 1995, although I’m not as proficient on the guitar as, on the piano, however I do enjoy it.

On my old music section, I had a dedicated subdomain which had information on music, MIDI files and the like. This page has been updated and you can find some of this information on this section.

I will have the chords and tab section which includes piano/keyboard tab and chords which I had transcribed (mainly for Queen songs). The MIDI and MP3 files I have carried across but I won’t be updating that section any more. There are also some other music-related sections including information on musical equipment, music transposition and music reference. Guitarists can find a set of basic Guitar Chords in the Guitar page. The Piano Chordmap system which I created allows you to generate up to 420 keyboard and piano chords for every key from Major to Minor 13th. The piano chord map is one of the most popular pages on the site so I hope you find it useful.

Chords & Tab Pages

The Chords & Tab section has now been migrated to and has a lot of useful chords all transcribe by myself.

Piano Chord Shapes

The Piano Chord Map which shows you how to play 420 piano chords & the piano chord shapes.

Basic Guitar Chords

A list of some of the more basic guitar chords, showing the shapes of the chords to help if you are learning to play guitar

Me playing a street piano in Toronto, Canada

Music Reference

Information on how to read music & what each type of note means.

Keyboard Info

Some details and information on the Roland Synth and KAWAI stage piano which I use.

MIDI and MP3s

The legacy MIDI and MP3 page which was on the old website.

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If there is any music topic not covered, any piano chord or guitar chord not provided which you want to see please drop me a line.

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