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At about 6pm today, a meteorite exploded over Ireland and was spotted from Cork to Donegal.

At 6pm on Wednesday 3rd Feb, emergency services all over the country received calls from people who said that there was an explosion in the skies over Ireland and that fiery debris was spotted falling from the skies. Smoke and heat trails were left in the skies for 10-20 minutes after the even as the ionised air was affected by the intense heat of the meteorite. Some people though planes had crashed and that the debris flying through the sky was aircraft engines.

People playing golf in Kerry reported it and at the same time people driving in Tullamore could see the same fire in the sky as the meteorite which would have been about 4 to 7 feet in size hit the atmosphere at hundreds of miles an hour. It would have broken into a few major bits as it fell to earth.

If anyone saw this they can place a “Fireball Report” on the Astronomy Ireland website, and the search is now on for the pieces which fell to earth. Pieces of meteorite can sell for more than the price of gold. If you have pictures of the meteorite or video of the meteorite there are many media agencies, including RTE who are looking for spottings of the meteorite.

I have placed some YouTube Video of the actual Meteor which exploded in the skies below.

Unfortunately, I was driving south at the time and didn’t see a thing!!

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