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Madagascar 2, Escape to Africa Review

Just saw Madagascar 2, Escape to Africa on DVD last weekend. Pretty good follow up to the first movie where the New York City zoo animals got shipped off to Madasgar (after the penguins hijacked the ship).

This time the Penguins have “built” a dodgy penguin-designed aircraft and Alex the Lion and friends, including the great King Julien the Lemur, try to leave Africa. Unfortunately, for some reason, the plane does not work very well (let’s face it penguins are not known for their aircraft maintenance skills) and they, crash land on the African Savannah.

The new storyline involves Alex’s long-lost parents and a stranded group of American tourists. The American tourists are a bit flag waving “USA, USA” but all in all the little old lady (from the first film) takes the biscuit and is a good laugh.

Overall, its a very good laugh, after an hour the humour takes a dip for about 10 mins, but there are loads of great humour in there – good for adults and kids. (Don’t miss the Dreamworks intro which the penguins hijack)

Madagascar 2 Running Time: 89mins

Overall Score: 8/10


Madagasgar 2 - Escape to Africa

Madagascar 2 – Escape to Africa



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Madagascar 2 - Escape to Africa (Review)
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