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As a recent Mac convert (having used PC’s for the past 21 years) this story was of interest to me. I was under the impression that Macs were very resilient even impervious to viruses and trojans but it seems this is not the case.

What is the Malware which infects Apple Macs?

The Mac has been promoted as being safer than PCs when it comes to viruses, trojans and other Malware and the Mac continues to grow it’s market share, however this now means that hackers and virus writers are now trying to target Macs in an effort to create larger series of botnets on PCs and Macs. This latest ‘Attack on the Mac’ is the face Flash installer called the Flashback Trojan. The Flashback Trojan is a nasty piece of work , malware, designed to steal personal information by pretending to be the Flash browser plug-ins. A Russian antivirus company called Dr.web estimated that over 600,000 Macs are now infected with the Flashback Trojan Malware as a result of unwitting Mac owners installing the software, all the time thinking it was the Flash plug-in for their browser. Apple haven’t bundled Flash with their mac product for a while now so many people, estimated to be about 6,500 infected macs in Ireland alone.

What happens if I have the Flashback Trojan?

ckily there are ways you can find out if you have the Flashback Trojan infecting your machine. There is also much more information on this malware on CNet which is where I first heard of this. I have tested my Mac and I’m clean thankfully. I still think the Mac blasts the PC out of the water for performance and usability, so I’m undeterred by this increase in targeted Mac viruses and I’m sure Apple will soon release a fix for this via their Software Update program me.

Read the Article about the Flashback Trojan in full with ways to find out if your Mac is Infected : Click here

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