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There are only a few more days that you can see the shuttle and ISS together, as the shuttle will soon depart the ISS and return home. The times of the next few sightings of the ISS and Shuttle are listed below. Interestingly the times that you can see the ISS are not much different in the UK than they are in Ireland. – Anyway, the dates and times for sightings listed below are for Waterford but should be valid for most of the south of Ireland. The way the weather has been recently I haven’t even caught 1 glimpse of the ISS. The next few sightings are in the early morning starting again in December.

ISSTue Nov 24/06:23 PM21919 above SW10 above SSE
ISSWed Nov 25/05:11 PM33635 above SW10 above SE
ISSThu Nov 26/05:34 PM21919 above SSW10 above SSE
ISSMon Dec 07/07:27 AM< 11311 above S13 above SSE
ISSTue Dec 08/07:48 AM22710 above SSW27 above SSE
ISSWed Dec 09/06:37 AM11311 above S13 above SSE

Note – the ISS goes usually from South West to South South East and you will need a decent line of sight to the horizon.

There are only a few more Shuttle launches left before the Shuttle fleet retires … I think in 2010.

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