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If FIFA Don’t allow a replay they say 2 things to the World …

1) FIFA say that Cheating during a game of soccer is OK ! … As long as the Referee Doesn’t See it !


2 ) FIFA are delighted France qualified … Imagine a World Cup without France.

Lets see what happens over the next few days. 88% of French people (French survey) say that a replay is only fair.
If France then thrash Ireland in the replay, then thats OK, at least we wen’t out fairly and on a level playing field.

Fianna Fail are trying to capitalise on this by setting up Fianna Fáil | Demand a Replay which includes a letter to Sepp Blatter with the lines “I, along with millions of viewers last night, watched France cheat their way to the World Cup. The blatant handball and subsequent admission from Thierry Henry, the French captain, that his handling of the ball led to the goal, which knocked Ireland out of the competition, is a travesty for the highest ideals the World Cup represents. Therefore I’m calling on you to hold a one off play-off for the final slot to the World Cup between Ireland and France… You have been often quoted in the past about FIFA’s role in ensuring fair play and proper sportsmanship. Here you have an opportunity to prove there is meaning behind these words and show children all over the world that in football those who cheat will not succeed.”

I think it reflects the mood of the Nation (and that of France to some extent) but if FIFA do nothing then they have damaged the reputation of soccer.

Also the amount of French influence in FIFA and UEFA is significant. Brown Envelopes … say no more! wink wink nudge nudge! You saw nothing!!

What I Can’t believe is that the referee was allowed on the pitch without his labrador!

Remember to Sign the BoyleSports Petition for a Replay at


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