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Just got iOS4 installed after the hype, the waiting and the download anticipation … and its not bad at all ! I like the look and feel of the new OS – and the unified Inbox is great for putting my 12 email accounts into one list.

The New Look iOS4 on the iPhone 3Gs


The main difference I could see was the changeable background on the home screen, multitasking bar at the bottom of the screen – which you can access by double clicking the home button, and Folders which you can create by holding down an icon and once wobbling , dragging one icon on top of another.

I’m still playing around with all the features so I’m going to stop typing now … if you still haven’t updated to the new iOS4 on your iPhone3Gs or 3G then have a look at my previous posts and twitter posts for details on what is involved in upgrading your OS.

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