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The next version of the Apple iPhone OS, iOS (version 4.3) is due for release very soon.
So When is the iOS 4.3 due for release. Well dates point to some date between  Feb 28th and March 2nd!

The next version iOS4.3 is going to make your excellent iPhone into a fantastic iPhone.

Some of the features which will come in iOS 4.3 are outlined below.

iOS 4.3 has New Camera Effects – iOS 4.3 gives iPhone users some new and improved camera functionality. such as  X-Ray Effects, Kaleidoscope style & Tunnel of Light.

iOS 4.3 brings a Better Keyboard – A new and improved touch screen keyboard will be available. The new keyboard will have an improved GUI with new key style and translucency. It will also allow for better responsiveness.

iOS4.3 allows AirPlay For Third Party Apps – play music, video and photos via compatible devices, such as your Apple TV, Mac or other iOS compatible devices.

NEW in iOS4.3 Find My Friends – The new ‘Find My Friends’ system is a new Social Networking system from Apple, integrating with MobileMe.

iOS 4.3 features Personal Hot Spots – This feature seems to be quite amazing … and apparently it is true. The New iOS 4.3 will allow the iPhone to have the ability to convert its 3G reception into a personal wireless hotspot, so if you need to connect your Laptop to the web, you may be able to use your iPhone running iOS 4.3 to do so.

iOS 4.3 features: Multi-touch gestures – One of the most exciting features of the iOS 4.3 release is the addition of multi-touch gesture controls (mainly to be used on iPad) which will allow a feast of new motion commands with four and five finger pinch, swipe and flick gestures all supported – similar to what Apple has on their MacBooks. This is a feature which could spell the end for the circular “House” button.

The new iOS will also improve the graphical layout of the iPhone making a really stylish phone something which everyone will want to have.

The new Release is coming soon and hopefully we can use the new OS and experience new features and improved functionality.

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