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The iKitt App and iPhone App Review (iKitt)

I am going to review a few Apps for the iPod Touch and iPhone over the next while. Some apps are pure rubbish and some I could not do without. This is the iKitt App a Knight Rider style app.

iKitt App

This app emulates the distinctive KITT voice graphic and speedometer from the classic 80’s show Knight Rider.

To get the most out of the app you need GPS on the iPhone as the iTouch does not display any speed but it does work well and us accurate to about 5mph.

The voice section and lights have 8 x 3 banks of soundbites. Some of the sounds are ones which have no application but some are a bit of a laugh. The updates which they say are coming in the next version include better sounds, a front scanner light and other tweaks.

iKitt App Screenshots

iKitt iPhone App

iKitt iPhone App

iKitt App - Speedometer

iKitt App – Speedometer


Next Version

Apparently in the next version there are some additions to the app.

Version 1.2 of iKitt will offer:

– A Configuration screen
– KARR sample set
– First-season KITT voicebox
– KITT scanner light (with sound)
– Randomly timed sample playing
– Many more improvements