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Hotel Prices in Ireland have often been a lot higher than other countries. However, a recent report on Hotel prices has found that Ireland now has the cheapest hotel rooms in all of western Europe. The Hotel Price Index, compiled by hotel booking website, found that while worldwide hotel prices have now stabilised in the first 6 months of 2010. Hotel Prices in Ireland are dropping as room rates have continue to fall.

The average Irish room rate is €79 a night, down 4% from hotel room rates of 2009. The Irish room rate of €79 is the cheapest in western Europe and the 4th cheapest in the EuroZone – ahead of only the Czech Republic, Poland & Hungary. Switzerland is now Europe’s most expensive destination for hotels with an average of €138. Iceland recorded the biggest fall of 20%. It will be interesting to see if Hotel Prices in Ireland increase when the recession is over.

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