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Humour and Jokes Section

More Jokes – Coming Soon to this section

On my old website,, I had a humour and jokes section which had huge levels of traffic. Back in 2009, I had 110,000 hits on the site in only 3 days, when an April Fools Day jok went viral. When I moved this website in 2016 from to I decided to try save some of the best jokes and add them to this website , purely out of some ort of legacy reasoning.

So this is my list of some of the funny jokes content from the old site and some more will be posted here very soon.

Here are the first of the humour and jokes links

April Fools Day Pranks – This list of April Fools Pranks actually got 401,000 page views over 3 days back in 2010

30 Things to Make you Smile

The Accountant Joke

Actual Newspaper Headlines

Ali-G Quotes

Facts about America

Interesting Anagrams

Funny Answering Machine Messages

Beer Quotes and Sayings

13 Things to hate about People

The French Lesson – Women vs Men

The Bar Phrase Book

The Bart Simpson Blackboard Etchings

The Blind Date – A Wowsy Joke

Some of these jokes are absolutely terrible, but as Isaid, from a legacy point of view I decided I wanted to leave them here for you to enjoy or groan over.

Website Note : June 2023 – I am no longer updating this section of mainly because there is very little activity on these pages and in 2024 if I feel these page are not helping the website then they will be deactivated. if you do like these pages then please reshare them on social media and perhaps they may be held on and save for posterity.

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