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Google is set to launch an Operating System, to compete against Microsoft Windows, promising a lightweight but fast operating system called Chrome OS which will allow for speedy access to the internet and to be virus free. google-versus-windowsWindows (Microsofts operating system) runs about 91% of the world’s personal computers and this threat from Google should not be taken lightly. Google ìs promising a change to PC frustration and an end to conflicts and slow PCs. Also with the drop in PC sales and increase in smartphones a Google Operating System seems very apt and timely. Windows Vista was never really the best and Windows 7, which is due to go on sale this autumn is considered a Windows Vista Replacement. However, Google is unlikely to charge for the new Chrome Operating System. Why would they do this? Well the more people using a Google Os means more people using their services, such as search, email, photo galleries and you tube videos…. this means a better market awareness and better revenue long term for Google. Google has a reputation in having some of the best software on the market so the new Chrome OS will probably be very good when launched. However, all that said, if you like Microsoft Flight Sim or using MS Word or even Adobe Illustrator, you will probably not be able to use this on the new operating system. Compatibility will be an issue. The Chrome Operating System is due for release in summer 2010 and will use parts of the open source Linux operating system kernel. As a result, those on Linux may be able to get a version which would run on a Linux platform … we’ll have to wait and see on that one. It will be interesting to see if the cut Google makes on the market is just a graze or a deep near fatal wound to Microsofts dominance.