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Do you intend going to Shop in Lanzarote or Eat in Lanzarote? Continuing on my series if reviews on Lanzarote I have outlined a few places which are good for eating , shopping and drinking in Lanzarote. Most of these are in Puerto Del Carmen but I have some from Playa Blanca also.

Best Island Tours of Lanzarote

Grand Tour, Last Minute Travel;
Takes in the national park, lava fields, the caves and some extra stops including wine tasting. Lunch is included. Takes about 8 hours.

César Manrique Tour, Last Minute Travel;
Takes in areas of the island which have buildings or sculptures designed by local artist Cesar Manrique. You get great views if the island, a chance to enter caves created by a 20m year old lava flow, you can see his house and visit a cactus garden with 10,000 plants. Lunch is included. Takes about 8 hours.

Other Tours
If you are in a group the Rancho Texas evening would be great fun but it is not something for couples as you end up sitting with 6 strangers … Forced conversation can be difficult. Food was nice and lasso / whip demo was excellent. End of show cabaret including songs from show turkeys such as “Annie get your gun” and “Calamity Jane” was not for my taste.

Diners & Restaurants in Puerto del Carmen


American Indian Diner

Located on the main strip in Puerto Del Carmen, the American Indian Diner has live music every night on stage with rock band “Question, 3 video screens with the best in rock and pop and live soccer from the Premiership, great food & cocktails including American burgers, steaks, delicious starters from only €2.80 as well as English breakfast, sandwiches and more from 8.00 a.m. – Great Atmosphere and we came here about 3 nights running. American Indian Diner Lanzarote

Universo LanzaroteUniverso

Located 2 doors down from the American Indian Diner. If you are looking for real food, if you are sick of fast food and burgers, this place will certainly deliver. Great food at reasonable prices. We were well impressed here.

New World Chinese Restaurant.

A great Chinese, check out my full review on this restaurant. click here.

Indian Aroma

Located about 5 min walk from the Fariones shops, this Indian is authentic, great starters and nice food. Indian Restaurants abroad are not 100% like Indians in Ireland, but are more like Indians in the UK. Sauces are thicker and a bit spicier. But we really enjoyed here and the food was very good.

Shop in Lanzarote

Biosphera Shopping Centre. Located at the top of the hill in  he old town there are plenty of good shops and cafes, there is also  a Hagen Daz ice cream parlour if you get too hot from shopping. This is also where the #6 bus to Playa Blanca departs from.

Shopping in Playa Blanca. Playa Blanca is very good for shopping. Away from the main centre of tourism, Puerto Del Carmen, Playa Blanca seems to give a bit better value. Cosmetics, Perfumes, Electrical Items and Cameras are all good value. Don’t forget to haggle – if you are offered 200, say its too expensive and start to walk, you will be offered 170 and you might just say that you thought it would be cheaper, before you know it you will be offered 155 if you are lucky.

Overall, if you are going to shop in Lanzarote you will find that it is a great place for shopping but it can be easy to get ripped off if you are not careful. Forewarned is forearmed – so enjoy if you are going !