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Barcelona is a beauty to behold. It has amazing architecture that will leave you in awe. You may be tempted to think it was sculpted by the gods of architecture themselves. It is also rich in history spanning hundreds of years. The city is sandwiched between the sea and the mountains contributing to its excellent weather.

There are many attractions you can visit in this city. But this article focuses on the free things you can do and still enjoy Barcelona. To move around you will require a means of transport. A car is the best thanks to the convenience it comes with. There are several companies offering van rentals in Barcelona that you can check out. Compare prices from at least three and settle on one that will best suit you. To further save some money, you can also compare the Barcelona airport van rental rate and the off-airport rate to find the cheapest. Let’s now look at some of the free things you can do when you visit Barcelona.

Take a Free Walking Tour

The best way to experience Barcelona and get to know your way around is by taking a walking tour. It allows you to interact with the locals and experience what it is like to live in Barcelona. It also exposes you to more attractions as the tour guide is a local.

Visit a Museum

If you love history and arts the sheer number of museums in this city will leave you spoilt for choice. Every first Sunday of the month entry fees are waived in most public museums. Some of the public museums also waive entry fees every Sunday afternoon. Ensure you confirm first before visiting as this may change from time to time..

Barcelona Art Gallery

Barcelona Art Galleries are a great way to enjoy free activities in the city


Attend the Magic Fountain Show

The show features an amazing display of outdoor lighting combined with awesome music and has been going on for almost a century. It takes place after dark. In summer because of the longer days, it may start a little late. Hoping you rent a van in Barcelona you can chill as you wait for darkness to fall for it to start. The show, however, takes a break for two months at the beginning of the year for maintenance.

Visit the Local Food Market

Free things to do in Barcelona include visiting a Food Market

Barcelona: free things to do in Barcelona

This will give you a first-hand experience of the local food culture. It is also a good opportunity to shop around for fresh food that you can later cook for yourself. Most of the food markets are open from Monday until Saturday 3 pm.


The number of free activities you can engage in while in Barcelona is large depending on your interests and passion. Some have been discussed in this article which you must try. To move around, keep in mind a few car rental tips as you settle on one rental company from the several Barcelona vans for rent companies and get yourself a van to move around in as you enjoy this beautiful city.