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After the farce of the French Match and the cheating of Thierry Henry the FAI have confirmed that the Republic of Ireland asked for extra 2010 World Cup place.

Sepp Blatter of FIFA will review the Republic of Ireland requested plea saying “I will bring it to the attention of the Executive Committee,” which takes place on Wednesday. An emergency meeting of FIFA will take place in Cape Town on Wednesday, two days ahead of the draw for the finals

FIFAs reputation is on the line – as the whole “Fair Play” thing is now worthless, especially since FIFA Fair Play was setup after Diego Maradonas Hand Ball in the 1986 World Cup Finals. Ironic to say the least.

Even More irony cam when Sepp Blatter said … wait for it…. “We must fight cheating”. Well if you want to fight cheating Blatty, then Kick the cheating French out of the World Cup … or did you forget to Sky Plus that one??

If Ireland Get A Reprieve…
If Ireland was granted a place as the 33rd team that would mean that Costa Rica, who also believe they were unfairly denied a place in the finals – this time because of an offside goal from Uruguay – would also have to be put into the World Cup as the 34th Team.

The Henry Argument
In the past few days there have been lots of Anti-FIFA posters and joke emails sent around. Some also against Gillette which both Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods are part of the advertising campaign – going back to cheating etc.

The argument about Thierry Henry will go on for many years – lets hope he doesn’t have a holiday home here. I don’t think he will be stopping off for a pint any time soon.

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