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As we know, Daniel Craig has turned town a huge multimillion dollar sum to stay on and do another James Bond film.  The previous film Spectre, was a wonderful action film but as a Bond film, in my eyes left a lot to be desired. There may be a new twist, a female 007. Actress, Gillian Anderson has created a storm within the Bond world by tweeting her approval of the concept of a female 007 character – I presume at this stage, and according to the fan trailer, Jane Bond would be the front runner.

The male actors which are rumoured to take over from Daniel Craig in the Bond franchise include Idris Elba (who starred in Thor and the Jungle Book), Damian Lewis (who was in the 2012 version of the Sweeney) and Tom Hiddleston (who you may know from the Avengers and Thor movies).

Someone in the online James Bond fan community has even created a female James Bond trailer featuring Gillian Anderson. The video itself is compiled from many Gillian Anderson clips including recent drama which was set in Northern Ireland, ‘The Fall’. (see below)

What do you think of having a female 007? Is it time? Would it work?

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