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It looks like the Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger parent company Meta is experiencing a significant worldwide outage that has affected Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. I just checked with a friend in Las Vegas and both here in Ireland and in Nevada the problem exists. 

Users of these platforms have discovered that they couldn’t load the platforms via web or apps as they would normally. Affected users discovered that Instagram would not function at all and that they had been logged out of Facebook. I myself thought it was my issue as I changed from one wifi to another in a short period of time and perhaps it was just a timed security logout – so I changed my password and when I tried to log in there was a weird / new account blank app looking back at me,

Many people when they tried to log in I am sure were worried that their accounts had been compromised due to the notifications indicating they were logged out, and by now Twitter/X is experiencing a resurgence of use as many flock to that platform for news or updates on the issue. But rather than being the product of a hack or cyberattack (so don’t worry about that), it appears that Facebook’s login mechanism is having issues and that is what is at fault.

Official status pages for Meta’s consumer goods are not maintained by the company. Also, there had been no updates posted regarding the downtime on the Meta website.

If you are having issues, leave a comment and state where you are having the issues from, and if it is Facebook, Instagram and messenger or just some of these platforms.