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Drive on the Left or DieWhy place Drive on Left signs in Ireland in inland locations?

One thing that amuses me is the placement of these Drive on the Left signs in Ireland. I appreciate that we have many visitors from continental Europe and therefore the signs are necessary – let’s face it they drive on the other side, so the signs are a handy reminder to Drive on the Left! The one thing I have a problem with is the placement of these signs. The key areas these signs should be placed are (1) All International Airports and (2) All Major Ferry Ports. I think we can all agree that the 2 locations mentioned above are the key locations for these important driving signs. You might add car rental locations as another such area where the signs might provide a vital role. However, the sign you see pictured here was about 20 miles inland and 95 miles from the nearest airport or ferry terminal. If anyone could make it 95 miles on the wrong side of the road – I think they deserve to continue on the right-hand side. Picture it, they leave Dublin airport in a car, on the wrong side of the road, cars blowing, swerving and crashing into ditches, they continue for 95 miles and THEN they see a sign saying “Drive on the Left” … The passengers turn to the driver and suggest that they comply with the signs. Who decides where to put these signs??? Stupid!! Is there a reason I am not seeing here?