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The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has defended Eduardo accusing UEFA of conducting a witch-hunt, following UEFA charging Eduardo with diving in the Champions League qualifying game with Celtic.

Eduardo dived, there are no two ways about it in my mind. It is out and out cheating. Is this the way Arsenal feel they have to win competitions?  They are good enough to win them on their own merit.  The fact that the boss came out and defended him certainly does the club no good. It is clear to see on the video replays (which are few and far between now on You Tube duwo to UEFA copyright) that no contact was made and Eduardo fell down like he was shot.

If I was the manager, (and having seen the You Tube video of Eduardo diving), I would have said that ‘no contact was made and the penalty was dubious to say the least’ … and no more.  I certainly would not have defended the player.

I have watched the video and Eduardo seems to deliberately stub his toe on the ground so he can fall convincingly. Hopefully this will stop players trying to cheat the referee.  I think Eduardo should get at least a 1 match ban for being so cheeky in conning the referee. UEFA are right to clamp down on this.

Video Replays

One quick final thought – is it now time that soccer should introduce video replays or a video referee in cases like this?

This is my view of the Eduardo controversy – if you see something different in it, leave a comment !

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