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District 9 Review

This is a film which has received a lot of hype recently, about a spaceship which stops over Johannesburg, unlike other films where it is always New York and Washington. The story is set 20 years on where more than 1m aliens, known as Prawns by the locals, have been shoved into chaotic refugee camps called District 9. Wikus van der Merwe (played by Sharlto Copley) is not really a hero type, more like an office nerd, and is person put in charge of evicting the aliens to a camp over 200 miles away from the main centre of population.

Spoiler Alert During the eviction procedures, he is exposed to an alien liquid and Wikus starts to turn into a prawn alien. Because he can now use the DNA Weapons that the prawns use, he is very valuable and is hunted by the MNU corporation that he once worked for.

Overview The film which is by Neill Blomkamp is shot like a documentary, with news footage, amateur footage, one on one interviews and live footage. At one point it reminded me of Cloverfield! What I will say is that at some points it seems more comical than serious. Without too much warning it then moves from comic to squeamish. There are some references to the race card and apartheid as well as referencing the attitudes to refugees. The film has no real draw and there is very little to keep you interested all of the time, especially later in the film when its run, shoot, run, shoot, bang, splat – nothing really new here.

Go to this film if you like – new fresh films – Sci Fi – great special effects – lots of action – a fairly good story

Don’t go to this film if you don’t like – films which show cruelty (even if it is to CGI Aliens) – People Exploding in a big bloody splat after being hit by laser beams – squeamish scenes like peoples fingernails falling off, peoples arms being blown off and people vomiting – a grown man eating cat food from a tin Finally : Have a listen to the Wikus character pronouncing the work F**k , as Fooock – it gets really annoying the more you listen to it.

District 9 – Official Trailer I had here was removed from YouTube so the link to the District9 Trailer is available if you click here.  

Overall : 7 ½/ 10

I was tempted to give it 6 out of 10 but the effects are very good and redeem the films weak points… I later increased the score for District 9 due to the performance of the main actor who is in line for a part as Howling Mad Murdoch in the A-Team film.

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