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This is something I heard about on Newstalk’s Breakfast Programme for the past few mornings. It’s an Irish band called Crystal Swing and a song called “He Drinks Tequila”. The video of He Drinks Tequila is below if you want to watch it, it is also a huge hit on YouTube with a well-organised Crystal Swing YouTube Channel getting huge hits this week. They have become an Internet Sensation overnight, especially after ‘American Idol’ judge Ellen DeGeneres, posted a link on Twitter to the YouTube clip of Crystal Swing, made up of Mary Murray-Burke, her son Derek and daughter Dervla from Co. Cork. I have yet to watch the video the whole way through, as the song itself just reminds me of 11:30 at an Irish Wedding. I’m not overly sure what the fuss is all about but certainly they seem to have some sort of hit on their hands with all the publicity and YouTube hits.

I posted this video of the band and it seems to be getting Marmite style comments, come people love them and some don’t. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

Crystal Swing comprises Mary Murray-Burke and her son and daughter, Derek and Dervla Burke. Since the above video of the song, ‘He Drinks Tequila’ was posted on YouTube in January 2010, the Crystal Swing band has become an international hit. Apparently, the website gets millions of hits from all around the world, plus they also starred on the RTÉ‘ show The Late Late Show. Even Ellen DeGeneres blogged about the Crystal Swing band with a subsequent live appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2010.

The band have performed on many TV shows from Celebrity Bainisteoir to  Republic of Telly and they continue to perform in big venues across Ireland & Europe with some international shows.