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Why should people in Ireland continue to shop here when cheaper prices exist in the UK and Northern Ireland?

I have a few examples of products which have huge differences in price: 

Canon D450 DSLR Camera plus lens kit and 2Gb memory card 

Dublin €720
Northern Ireland €569 (£499)
Saving €151 (Difference of about 21%) 

Fuji S7000 lens adapter ring

Dublin €70
Online €17 including shipping


Why Irish people shop in Northern Ireland … well Try explain this? As long as this continues people are going to continue to cross into Northern Ireland and do their shopping there.

Over the past few years prices in Ireland have over inflated the cost if everything. The recession seems to be bringing down the cost of certain items but it will be interesting to see if prices between UK and Ireland level out even more in next few months. Especially with a good Euro – Sterling exchange rate. 

The Irish Government say that €430m has been lost to Ireland as a result of people not shopping in Ireland. Yet the government are the ones that raised VAT by 1% to 22% yet the UK dropped theirs to 15% and are almost out of recession.

Lenihan doesn’t seem to have what it takes … The December budget will be a last ditch attempt to salvage the sinking Irish economy. The way this new budget will be calculated is as follows … “Einey meeny miney mo , How do I budget, I don’t know”. 

I’m sure the Brexit changes make changed Why Irish people shop in Northern Ireland and if they reverse their shopping habits.  Lets wait and see !


This is a Blog Post from 2009 regarding the price differential at that time between Ireland and Northern Ireland and prices are correct at that time. These details and prices may have changed since.

This blog post regarding why people continue to shop in Northern Ireland is an old post but is held here for reference purpose.