A “Cool” new tool has been added to the website – CoolIris , A FireFox Plugin.

What is CoolIris? … According to theirWebsite , it allows you to “Transform your browser into a lightning fast, cinematic way to discover the Web.“.  It is a FireFox Addon (FREE to Download).

The Best Feature- The Cool 3D Wall.

The 3D Wall provides an amazing, visually stunning method to browse a gallery of photos or videos. By displaying content on a single, ever-expansive wall, CoolIris helps you find what you’re looking for faster than the traditional way of clicking the “next” button webpage by webpage.

What you will see

On my Picture Gallery, if you hover over a picture or thumbnail you will see a small arrow (see below), in the bottom left of the image.

CoolIris - when you MouseOver a Thumbnail or Picture

See Cool Iris in operation when you MouseOver a Thumbnail or Picture

Click this little arrow and you will see this ….

The great 3D CoolIris Wall

The great 3D CoolIris Wall

Try it now !…. Visit the pictures gallery, for example London by Night.

Visit the CoolIris Website.

Hope you try the  PlugIn – Enjoy the gallery!



This is an old post which was originally on my old shanemcdonald.org site and now resides here on shanemcdonald.ie and some of this functionality or content may not work on the new host as it was transitioned across from shanemcdonald.org

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