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Is it possible the game was destined to be a win for Barcelona – after seeing the ridiculous referring decisions it is fair to see why Didier Drogba was so irate. I would be too. I watched the replays of the 5 incidents – 2 were definitely 50/50 and not penalties, but 2 were very clear cut and the 3rd one, I have seen them given too. UEFA would prefer a Man Utd / Barca clash rather than an all Premiership clash as it would give better pan-european coverage. This was brought to light on Sky Sports last evening by one of their commentators. Based on the match result, this might look to have some truth in it – especially since there were so many chances for Chelsea to get a 2nd goal or penalty.

I’m sick and tired of watching a game where one team plays very well, and decisions go against them and they end up drawing or losing the game.

UEFA and the other bodies really have to tackle this refereeing issue before the game of soccer’s reputation is damaged. They need to look at simulation, using TV for making decisions like last night ( a 4th official could review the match on TV and pull back the play if a decision was not given ) and other issues such as off the ball incidents and decent to referees (which again we saw last night).

It should have been Chelsea! I am not a Chelsea fan but last nights overall result was not an overall reflection of the game and the referee was not right in not giving at least one of those decisions. (just my opinion on the Chelsea Barcelona game!)


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