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Cheddar Gorge is one of the most scenic parts of the UK.  Cheddar Gorge is one of the most spectacular natural landmarks in the UK, but did you know that it is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The Gorge is set within the Mendip Hills area of Somerset and forms part of the newly designated Mendip Hills National Landscape. Cheddar Gorge has public walkways on both sides of the gorge with amazing cliffs and extraordinary underground caves and the area is a mecca for rock-climbers.

Problems with Cheddar Gorge Traffic & Parking

The area around Cheddar Gorge has one huge problem, parking and traffic. On a recent visit there I saw tourists parking illegally below the cliffs and also in residential areas. There is also some anti-social behaviour from time to time with careless driving near pedestrians. Infact, Jim Hardcastle, manager of Mendip Hills National Landscape, mentioned the Cheddar Gorge Traffic and this anti-social driving recently, stating: “We want to create an experience that is fitting for a naturally beautiful and significant visitor attraction like Cheddar George, as we’re aware of concerns about the volume of traffic and anti-social driving… which people feel impacts safety and enjoyment of the area.

Right now, businesses in the area are being consulted about the Cheddar Gorge traffic closure but I think it would be a beneficial move and hopefully more could be done to reduce the traffic issues.

Things to do around Cheddar Gorge

If you are in this area I recommend the following places which you can visit from Cheddar.

Wells: A Beautiful cathedral town with a market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, plus the location where Hot Fuzz was filmed. Don’t forget to get a Cornetto.

Glastonbury: The town near the iconic music festival. Check out Glastonbury Abbey and the great new-age shops all around the town. The Hundred Monkeys is great for food.

Mendip Hills: There are lots of hiking trails and walks in this area and there are ordinance survey maps with great walking trails.

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