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Cathay Pacific Business Class – Review

In a previous Travel Blog post, I mentioned how great Cathay’s Premium Economy was during our flight from London to Hong Kong. It was my intention that I would review the Hong Kong to Sydney leg.

On arrival at gate 71 in HKG our tickets were very unexpectedly upgraded to Business Class. This was a first for me. I was more than happy with the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy service which was excellent. However, I had never been upgraded in over 15 years of worldwide travel. This came after a very bad Tuesday in Hong Kong when my expensive Canon 7D camera died. It also coincided with the fact that this international trip was a milestone birthday trip.

On arrival, I was in awe of the amazing space which would be my abode for the next 11 or so hours during the trip to Sydney. The seat which also turns into a bed is very comfortable and at this point, I was hoping we would be routed into a few holding patterns just to extend this amazing comfort.

As usual, there were drinks on arrival and I chose the signature Cathay drink “Oriental Breeze” with cranberry other juices and a hint of Rosewater. This was a beverage from heaven, a lovely taste and also quite potent … I slept very well after this!


Within 45 minutes food was served – that was a fast turnaround. We were only in the air under and hour and already the food is here. If you thought food in Premium Economy was good then you must experience the Michelin Star influenced food. Fresh Fruit with a hint of ginger, 2 types of hummus and breadsticks (best hummus I ever tasted), fresh bread rolls, and the highlight was the fish with boiled rice with the excellent oriental touch of chopsticks and the refinement of a table cloth and proper cutlery (no foil packets in Business class)


This was an amazing meal and accompanied by a signature cocktail of Cointreau, vodka called “Cloud Nine” – another ‘Must Try’ in Business Class with Cathay Pacific.

I was very well impressed by the food and the level of service which also included you being addressed by name… This attention to detail just blew me away.

The breakfast with fresh fruit compote and yoghurt with granola, croissant, plus really good dim sum was just perfect. Follow that with a lovely coffee – my breakfast experience was complete.

The whole flight spent in Business Class reminded me that if you are travelling a long way and wanted to enjoy the best food, the best service and you wanted to arrive refreshed, then I would certainly recommend Cathay Pacific Business Class. If you cannot afford business class, don’t forget that the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy experience is also very good and probably the best in my experience.

Cathay Pacific Business Class is truly a wonderful way to fly – an even better way to arrive!!


This review is my own experience of the Cathay Pacific Business Class flight, I was not paid or compensated in any way in return for this blog post and it is simply a review of this flight.