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SEO Review of 2010 – Top 50 Pages on for 2010

SEO Review of 2010 – Top 50 Pages on for 2010

I decided to do a quick SEO review of the website now that 2010 is over. The following is a list of the top 50 pages on for 2010, it is my SEO Review of 2010. You can see the page details, page views and unique page views / visitors on the post below. I will also be publishing the top 25 SEO Keywords for the site (might extend it to the top 50 keywords for 2010). These will be uploaded in the next few days.

Top 50 Pages on for 2010

Website PagePageviewsVisitors
/music/piano-chord-shapes.html 13513995072
/music/chordmap/ 12602150129
/queen/album-list.php 7614526762
/music/guitar-chords.html 4189517550
/music/learn-to-read-music.html 3792226299
/music/easy-music-transposer.html 3579429997
/music/piano-chord-shapes.html 3283223227
/music/learn-types-of-music-notes.html 2318117143
/music/chordmap/ 227698772
/music/how-to-transpose.html 2196116906
/music/guitar/guitar-chords-full-list.html 2195017020
/music/guitar/b-minor.html 2110614717
/music/piano-chord-C_Major.html 2105915776
/ 2056616653
/music/tab-q-nato-bohemian-rhapsody.html 1901717837
/queen/queen-bio.html 179869454
/music/guitar/Bflat-major.html 1525811366
/queen/queen-tabs.html 142637145
/music/piano-chords-in-C.html 130767489
/myblog/2010-01-15/how-to-fix-an-iphone-ipod-touch-with-a-frozen-safari-app/ 127497383
/music/piano-chord-D_Major.html 123878952
/music/chordmap/piano-chords.php?Root=C&id=1 1236410839
/music/musicglossary.php 116945671
/myblog/2010-06-07/iphone-4g-expected-to-be-in-ireland-uk-in-early-june/ 98824993
/music/piano-chord-G_Major.html 98637153
/music/tabs.html 95987071
/music/learn-to-read-notes.html 90416402
/queen/tab-q-nato-bohemian-rhapsody.html 87678199
/music/guitar-chords.html 85313694
/music/playing-piano-chords.html 83484533
/music/piano-chord-E_Major.html 81496013
/queen/Freddie_Mercury.html 73866080
/queen/Roger_Taylor.html 72625900
/music/piano-chord-A_Major.html 69875467
/music/piano-chord-B_Major.html 68955067
/music/tab-datr-somebody-to-love.html 68926371
/music/piano-chord-F_Major.html 67995283
/queen/album-detail.php?id=1 67325775
/music/learn-to-read-music.html 60254750
/music/guitar/c-minor.html 60124750
/queen/album-detail.php?id=2 55844510
/music/tab-notw-we-are-the-champions.html 54965153
/queen/album-detail.php?id=4 54754460
/music/guitar/c-major.html 54304662
/queen/album-detail.php?id=3 53634335
/queen/John_Deacon.html 52574405
/music/index.htm 52143584
/queen/album-detail.php?id=5 48843968
/music/guitar/f-major.html 48814088
/music/learn-types-of-music-notes.html 47323699

Source : Google Analytics – ( Date Range 1st Jan 2010 to 31st December 2010 )

Launch of Shane McDonald PhotoBlog

Launch of Shane McDonald PhotoBlog

I have just launched a Photography Blog, I decided that although I use Flickr and Picasa for storing photos, I wanted something extra for displaying photos and discussing everything to do with Photography.

The link is PhotoBlog Photo Blog (screenshot)

Is it PhotoBlog or Photo Blog?

When doing my research I was curious to the naming – is it “Photo Blog” or “PhotoBlog”. Using Google Insights for Search and Google Trends I was able to see which was most used.

It turns out that PhotoBlog is a growing search term which is 2 or 3 times more popular than “Photo Blog”.

If you are doing SEO work and you have a photo blog then this information might be useful. The Google trends system is a great way to find out which term is more widely used and also if terms are growing or declining in search.

Hope you enjoy my site – still only a few posts on it but I hope to have at least 15 posts by the end of the year,

Check your access logs

Check your access logs

A lot happens on your web server that you don’t know about. I just checked my server logs and saw many many entries of attempted access to the following areas of my site;

These pages don’t exist and never existed so I think these are probably hackers were trying to find out a way into the site. If you have coded your site yourself you should be aware that some attempts may be made as part of an SQL Injection or Brute Force attack on your system.

The IPs on this occasion were from Norway, Russia, Ukraine, USA and a few Asian IPs.

It is through the error log (one of the many server logs recorded by your site) that I could see these items. I actually blocked one IP Address because there were so many attempted accesses from that IP. By sealing off all potential acces points you can protect your website.

Also, check your PHP code – ensure you don’t automatically register variables, check all form submissions and anything that interacts with your database.

I have seen some websites out there (businesses) which have body text, and slap bang in the middle of the text links to Crack websites or Adult sites. I believe these sites have been compromised by poorly secured web servers (of which I have had a few) and poorly coded websites which have PHP or asp code.

Since I moved web servers I have been trying to bring the site back up the Google rankings and also re-develop the site, mainly since I had not added much to the site in the past few months.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes after 20th April (when I made the changes in line with the Google Webmaster Guidelines) to get re-listed highly on the world most popular Search Engine.


This is an old post which was originally on my old site and now resides here on

Relaunch of

The website which I ran from 1999-2008 is back up and running…  in some form at least.

No longer the alumni site it once was … thanks to Linked In and Facebook it died a death over a few years. Now I am running a blog style site with humour jokes and the content which made it so popular.

At one stage in 2008 I got 102,000 visitors over a 3 day period, then some hacker placed some SQL injected code and the site was removed from the Google index. So when I saw this happening I decided to pull the site and do a clean down of the content – as it was beginning to get hard to maintain etc.

So if you want to take a look – visit

Welcome !

Welcome to

The Original Post…
I found some handy scripts on the server and said I would try them out, one of these was , you guessed it, a blog … so I wanted to have a go at running a blog. This was my first blog post on ShaneMcDonald dot org which later moved to a dot i.e. address at ShaneMcDonald dot ie.

Not much to add for now but I hope to launch this Blog soon !

As I write this post I am adding the features and widgets which make up the blog, and I also hope to re-style the main site before this is actually launched…. check back soon !

The back-story of

Back in 1997 I started a college website, in 1999 I move the site to an account and then eventually in 2001 I moved it to The website grew and grew with new content. I had a travel website there for a while, I added a Queen fan site, a music information section, and eventually a blog, this blog. I realised around 2012 that the mobile requirements of Google was not doing my site any SEO favours. I ignored this burning SEO issue for a few years and eventually in 2017 I moved the whole site to

Link Juice and 301 Redirects

Because 301 redirects don’t pass on their link juice, from an SEO perspective, my traffic on dropped from 2,100 users per day way down to 300. I am growing this slowly but surely now as I move content from my other sites and ensure that all the content I have is fully SEO optimised. But this is a great lesson in site structure and content. Ensure you have planned everything first before setting up your site. Back in 2012 I should have done all this, as I would have had 5 years more SEO and link building behind the content. I now have a lot of work to do in order to get into the higher traffic rankings where once it was….



This is an old post which was originally on my old site and now resides here on