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Drive on Left signs in Ireland – Their placement is so stupid

Drive on Left signs in Ireland – Their placement is so stupid

Drive on the Left or DieWhy place Drive on Left signs in Ireland in inland locations?

One thing that amuses me is the placement of these Drive on the Left signs in Ireland. I appreciate that we have many visitors from continental Europe and therefore the signs are necessary – let’s face it they drive on the other side, so the signs are a handy reminder to Drive on the Left! The one thing I have a problem with is the placement of these signs. The key areas these signs should be placed are (1) All International Airports and (2) All Major Ferry Ports. I think we can all agree that the 2 locations mentioned above are the key locations for these important driving signs. You might add car rental locations as another such area where the signs might provide a vital role. However, the sign you see pictured here was about 20 miles inland and 95 miles from the nearest airport or ferry terminal. If anyone could make it 95 miles on the wrong side of the road – I think they deserve to continue on the right-hand side. Picture it, they leave Dublin airport in a car, on the wrong side of the road, cars blowing, swerving and crashing into ditches, they continue for 95 miles and THEN they see a sign saying “Drive on the Left” … The passengers turn to the driver and suggest that they comply with the signs. Who decides where to put these signs??? Stupid!! Is there a reason I am not seeing here?

M9 Motorway Opened… About Time Too

The M9 Motorway opened today from Danesfort to Waterford and on my journey from Thomastown to Waterford City I saved 12 minutes on the journey which will save me 2 hours a week going to work. The road was a longer route than the normal N9 via Mullinvat but doing 120kph and also not having to put up with trucks, tractors and 60kph Sunday Drivers was a blessing. RTE Covered the opening today : The next section from Danesfort to Co. Carlow will open later in the year to complete the motorway, bypassing Thomastown, Gowran, Dungarvan, Paulstown and Leighlinbridge.

Less than 20 days to go before new section of M9 opens

With less than 20 days to go before the Waterford side of the M9 opens, the project itself is to be completed OVER 1 YEAR LATE. This has to be emphasised because you can be guaranteed that some County Councillor or TD will utter the words “The project was delivered on-time” … well it wasn’t. If you travel from Kilkenny to Waterford you will see signs at Ballyhale and Lukeswell saying “Opening Spring 2009” ; well that date has passed and still the road is not open. The road is apparently finished except that a “safety audit” has to be completed, which may involve a TD, a scissors, a camera and a ribbon, no-one is quite sure. I just think they should  “Open the Feckin’ Road !!” So don’t be fooled – if somebody says the M9 Waterford section was opened ontime – this is a lie.

Waterford to Dublin motorway M9 section to open soon

There is growing anticipation now for the imminent opening of the new M9 Motorway from Waterford to Dublin. This section is to open soon, with dates of March 8th, march 12th, March 17th and March 21st as the possible opening dates of this new motorway which should decrease journey times between Dublin and Waterford. The Kilkenny People has quoted March 8th but apparently no official date has been set! Motorway now extends as far as Carlow and this new section will be of major benefit to people in Waterford wanting to shop in Kilkenny or people in Kilkenny wanting to visit Tramore. After 3 years of development the motorway will see towns like Mullinavat (also known as Mullinavegas) and Ballyhale bypassed. I’m looking forward to not having to sit behind slow moving trucks and tractors on a stretch of road which has a surface which is becoming worse each and every day. I just hope that the new section is not subject to the stupid political mess which almost delayed the Carlow to Kilcullen opening – If it does, then I am sure that will see another people power move which saw politicians berated by the angry motoring public.

The Irish Language – What a Waste of Time!

In Ireland we waste so much time in school learning a language we never use! The Irish Language is not useful in this modern world, especially the way it is taught and used in the real world.

It would be so much better if Irish children could be taught something like French that they would actually use, after-all, French is the official language of the EU. If you look at the people who come over to Ireland from Poland or Czech Republic, their English is actually very good. I’m sure they can converse in English better than most Irish people could converse in French. WHY? Because in Ireland from the age of 4 to 12, Irish is drilled into kids, instead of a language they would actually use. It is at this age that children find it easier to learn a language – so why expect them to start learning French at the age of 13 when they start secondary school? Its too late for them to be actually fluent – start them learning from a young age.

Irish – What a Terrible Language

Lets look at some of the crap you learn as a child.

English Irish
Car Carr Just add an R
So is “Computer”= An Computerr in Irish?
Taxi Tacsaí Just spell it phonetically
A Cop out!
Drugs Druggaí Follow a similar rule for Tacsaí
Does this mean that take for example Guns in Irish are Gunnaí and Matches are Matchaí?
I just looked up guns – and it IS Gunnaí … F**k sake!
Coloured Man Fear Gorm Literal Meaning “Blue Man” – Gorm is Blue and Fear is Man.
What happened? Was Ireland overrun by Smurfs at some point?
The Devil Fear Dubh Literal Meaning “Black Man” – Dubh is Black and Fear is Man
A Bit insulting!

I left school with an Irish Vocabulary of about 10 words which included such classics as;

Fear on Phoist


Ar Nos na Gaoithe




Smeara Dubha


Also, Whats the story with this?
Take for example the phrase “Comhartha ar an mbus” – MBUS … is this some sort of Hanson song. MBus???
What sort of crappy language puts an M before a B ?? But I do jest in a way, I know many languages such as French add a letter infront of words to make them more pronounceable, but I find that this is not explained in schools. Thereby making Irish of no interest to students and without interest there is no longevity. Compare this with French, I loved French because on holidays you could use it. You can’t do that with Irish without going to a few square miles in Ring or Connemara where people speak it.

Irish, a Dead Language

I think they should get rid of the language and get the children of Ireland speaking a European language rather than a dead language. Nobody speaks it – unless you want to get rid of the kids and shove them off to an island for 3 months during the summer.

I wish we had a language we could be proud to use day to day, but we don’t, nobody really uses it! So stop hooking it up to a life support machine and leave it  so that the children in Irish schools leave with a language they can Really use.

N9 Potholes – When is the Dublin to Waterford M9 motorway opening?

The N9 is quite dangerous at the moment between Ballyhale and Mullinavat southbound. There were 5 cars in the hard shoulder this evening all fixing punctures from one ginormous pothole as you head up the hill (straight stretch outside Ballyhale) towards Mullinavat. Be careful if you are driving that route. The road damage is as a result of the recent snow, thaw and rain. What makes it even more annoying is the fact that the new M9 Waterford to Danesfort motorway is almost ready … but when will the Dublin to Waterford motorway actually be opening? Some say Mid February will see the Waterford to Danesfort section open, but with the recent bad weather will this actually happen? The road is under construction for about 2 years now and still its not finished. In that time the M9 Carlow bypass and M9 Castledermot to Kilcullen route have opened. Its ridiculous to think 2 major stretches of motorway have opened in this time. Lets wait and see – hopefully this is the last month I have to travel this route. The N9 is now a dreadful road to travel.