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WordPress iPhone App – The ideal iPhone App for WordPress Blog Owners

WordPress iPhone App – The ideal iPhone App for WordPress Blog Owners

If you run a WordPress blog and you have an iPhone (or indeed an iPod Touch) then the WordPress iPod App is for you.

You can run multiple blogs using the same App. There was a previous version of the WordPress App but if you had this old version WordPress for iPhone 2 or 2.1 won’t automatically update the old app to 2.0.

The new WordPress App has a better user interface overhaul, some improvements to the software, some bug fixes, as well as some requests.

The WordPress App 2.0 and 2.1 allows you to add and update your posts and blog pages.
The updates in the 2.0 / 2.1 version of the app are.
* A better user interface making it easy to view comments, posts, and pages with a brand new comments interface
* Posts are automatically saved and restored if network connection is lost during publishing
* The WordPress App re-opens in the blog you last used
* You can manually enter the XMLRPC endpoint for non-standard setups – other XML issues resolved.
* Fixed edge case where local drafts were sometimes not saved WordPress App Posts Page
* Fixed the order of photos so that they’re displayed in the order they’re uploaded
* A post or page can be deleted by swiping across its title in the Posts or Pages list
* People who made comments, their email addresses are now visible
* Fixes for the link helper, errors in using the more tag, Comments section and URL issues.

The benefit of this great App is that you can compose a few blog entries even without WiFi or 3G connection. As soon as you have connection you can just hit the post button and update to your hearts content.
You can Download the WordPress iPod App from the iTunes App Store.

FrontPage of WordPress iPhone App

How to fix an iPhone which won’t start

How to fix an iPhone which won’t start

How do you fix an iPhone which won’t start?

If your iPod Touch or iPhone won’t start, then you are probably having a very frustrating time of it.

This is what’s probably happening to you if your iPod Touch or iPhone fails to start.

What happens when an iPod Touch or iPhone won't start

What happens when an iPod Touch or iPhone won’t start

How do you fix an iPhone which will not start?

Using the iPod Recovery Mode helped me!
Hold down the iPod Touch’s home button (circle at the bottom centre of the iPod or iPhone) and then plug the iPhone / iTouch into your computer, while always keeping the iPod Home button depressed. This should launch the iPod recovery mode system. Recovery Mode is a specialised diagnostic mode which allows your iPod Touch’s software to be reinstalled.

This deletes everything from your iPod, so be aware. If you have being synching your iPod regularly the system should reinstall your apps, emails, text messages, settings and files from the last full synch of the iPod.

If you don’t know what you are doing, get somebody who does … This worked for me, but if you are unsure contact an official Apple registered service company. Also, some online solutions to this issue say to lightly Bang the iPod beforehand … I can’t see how this would help so I wouldn’t recommend doing this!

When to Try iPod / iPhone Recovery Mode
Try this if you’re unable to get a response from the device even when it’s plugged into a computer with iTunes. You may not even get a response if you plug direct into an iPod charger.

How Long does iPod Tuoch / iPhone Recovery Mode Take?
This depends on the number of apps, number of files etc that have to be reinstalled. My iPod recovery took about 90 minutes.

Note : Recovery mode may not be the ideal solution for your iPod issue, but might help if you have tried everything else.

What Caused it to Stop Working
For me, I started downloading an App Update via the iPod Touchs’ App Store section. As the App was downloading I moved to an point in the building where there was no WiFi coverage and download stopped. As soon as I was back in WiFi coverage, I was asked for my iTunes password and within 2 minutes the device turned off – perhaps some sort of unrecoverable deadlock conflict between a half downloaded App and the new download. All further attempts to restart gave the response shown in the graphic above.

All working now, All Apps back on the iPod – all thanks to iPod Recovery Mode!

iKitt App – iPhone App Review (iKitt)

iKitt App – iPhone App Review (iKitt)

The iKitt App and iPhone App Review (iKitt)

I am going to review a few Apps for the iPod Touch and iPhone over the next while. Some apps are pure rubbish and some I could not do without. This is the iKitt App a Knight Rider style app.

iKitt App

This app emulates the distinctive KITT voice graphic and speedometer from the classic 80’s show Knight Rider.

To get the most out of the app you need GPS on the iPhone as the iTouch does not display any speed but it does work well and us accurate to about 5mph.

The voice section and lights have 8 x 3 banks of soundbites. Some of the sounds are ones which have no application but some are a bit of a laugh. The updates which they say are coming in the next version include better sounds, a front scanner light and other tweaks.

iKitt App Screenshots

iKitt iPhone App

iKitt iPhone App

iKitt App - Speedometer

iKitt App – Speedometer


Next Version

Apparently in the next version there are some additions to the app.

Version 1.2 of iKitt will offer:

– A Configuration screen
– KARR sample set
– First-season KITT voicebox
– KITT scanner light (with sound)
– Randomly timed sample playing
– Many more improvements