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iPhone Cellular Data Glitch states 4Gb Cellular Data Usage – Weird !

iPhone Cellular Data Glitch states 4Gb Cellular Data Usage – Weird !

I have observed this happening 3 times to me in the past month. On the iPhone , go into Settings > General > Usage and you may find that your Cellular Data Outgoing (3G or Edge) usage is showing up as 4Gb and incoming data usage set as 4.1Gb.

I have managed to save a screenshot of this weird iPhone cellular data glitch (see below)

Weird $Gb Data miscalculation error on iPhone

Apparently this iPhone error is happening to many others and thankfully my Vodafone account is only showing a few hundred Meg being used and not 4Gb (or 8Gb as this is the second time this month that the data miscalculation has appeared on my phone).

Some (I did a bit of research on Mac Rumours website and there are others with this problem) are blaming one of the bits in the software which, out of a 32 bit system is causing the upper limit of the cellular data usage to be reported … or something along those lines.

Hopefully this cellular data usage glitch fixed by Apple soon in the next iPhone update…. either that or I really did use 4.1Gb!

iOS 4.3 Preview – What to Expect in iOS4.3

The next version of the Apple iPhone OS, iOS (version 4.3) is due for release very soon.
So When is the iOS 4.3 due for release. Well dates point to some date between  Feb 28th and March 2nd!

The next version iOS4.3 is going to make your excellent iPhone into a fantastic iPhone.

Some of the features which will come in iOS 4.3 are outlined below.

iOS 4.3 has New Camera Effects – iOS 4.3 gives iPhone users some new and improved camera functionality. such as  X-Ray Effects, Kaleidoscope style & Tunnel of Light.

iOS 4.3 brings a Better Keyboard – A new and improved touch screen keyboard will be available. The new keyboard will have an improved GUI with new key style and translucency. It will also allow for better responsiveness.

iOS4.3 allows AirPlay For Third Party Apps – play music, video and photos via compatible devices, such as your Apple TV, Mac or other iOS compatible devices.

NEW in iOS4.3 Find My Friends – The new ‘Find My Friends’ system is a new Social Networking system from Apple, integrating with MobileMe.

iOS 4.3 features Personal Hot Spots – This feature seems to be quite amazing … and apparently it is true. The New iOS 4.3 will allow the iPhone to have the ability to convert its 3G reception into a personal wireless hotspot, so if you need to connect your Laptop to the web, you may be able to use your iPhone running iOS 4.3 to do so.

iOS 4.3 features: Multi-touch gestures – One of the most exciting features of the iOS 4.3 release is the addition of multi-touch gesture controls (mainly to be used on iPad) which will allow a feast of new motion commands with four and five finger pinch, swipe and flick gestures all supported – similar to what Apple has on their MacBooks. This is a feature which could spell the end for the circular “House” button.

The new iOS will also improve the graphical layout of the iPhone making a really stylish phone something which everyone will want to have.

The new Release is coming soon and hopefully we can use the new OS and experience new features and improved functionality.

iPhone 5 to have new Payment Technology?

The iPhone 4 is only out under a year and already iPhone 5 is being discussed. Rumours are surfacing that a new iPhone 5 might have, whats called a ‘wave and pay’ functionality called Apple Pay and also says that the iPhone 5 is due out later this year.

This was news to me, as the hype and celebration which came when the iPhone 4 came out in 2010, I didn’t expect any new iPhone releases (apart from software updates) for a good while.

Apparently the new Apple Pay payment technology which is rumoured to be included in this new iPhone, is based on a technology called ‘Near Field Communication’ which can be used to pay by placing a device, such as an iPhone, within 10-12cm of a POS. This Apple Pay system stores financial data and links specific devices. Initially I though it would be using RFID but this new technology is more secure than that.

Before you start planning your payment via iPhone, the Apple corporation has declined to comment on any new developments on the new iPhone5 – so is this all guesswork or is it based on facts?

Well Apple already has your credit card number via iTunes so technically Apple Pay could be linked in that way – you pay using NFC on your iPhone and your iTunes account credit card is charged. The downside is that all the retailers wanting to use this iPhone payment system, would have to have a NFC reader in order to pay in this way. Also, if your iPhone is stolen its a less secure risk than if your wallet is stolen. I think there may have to be a pin based system on the phone to authorise the sale.

Either way its exciting news for iPhone fans and we will have to wait and see if 2011 brings a new iPhone and a new way to pay for your goods and services.

iPhone Alarm not working. How to fix iPhone 2011 alarm bug

iPhone Alarm not working. How to fix iPhone 2011 alarm bug

Do you use the alarm on your iPhone to wake up for work? Warning … The alarm clock of the iPhone is not working since 1st January, 2011. A similar issue arose in November with a similar bug in the iOS which affected the alarm clock on the iPhone. This is the steps you need and How to fix iPhone alarm bug.

The iOS iPhone Alarms issue affects once-off alarms only! It does not affect countdown timers or repeating alarms. Therefore the solution to fix the iPhone Alarms issue is as follows;

1) Start the Clock app and click Edit to edit an existing alarm. Or indeed add a new alarm with the + symbol.

2) Edit the alarm so you have a Repeating Alarm, eg. Select Repeat for Mon to Fri if you want a weekday alarm… i.e set your repeat interval.

3) Now press Save to save the alarm.

You should now have something like this.

iPhone alarm issue how to fix it

That’s it. In this way you can fix the iPhone Alarm bug through a change on alarm settings. Some sources say it should fix on it’s own on Jan 3rd 2010. Lets see!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this issue, in the comments area below.

iOS 4.1 iPhone Update Available with new features

iOS 4.1 iPhone Update Available with new features

If you are an iPhone user then you will probably be aware that a new version of the iOS (iPhone Operating System) is available for your iPhone. The new version 4.1 iOS will fix a faulty proximity sensor, adds ‘HDR’ photo capture, improves iPhone 3G performance, plus a new social Networking style “Game Center” is added – plus some other updates. The Game Center, allows users to play social gaming on your iPhone, playing multiplayer games against online opponents. HDR photography is something which was only in the realm of DSLR cameras but now on the iPhone you can take photos which capture a wider spectrum of light ranges using the new high dynamic range (HDR) setting on iPhone 4.1 OS. HDR photos automatically combines multiple exposures into a single HDR image (one underexposed, one over exposed and one normal exposure).

Before upgrading to iOS 4.1 you should follow these steps;

Step 1 : Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes – Currently iTunes 10. Now connect your iPhone to your computer via the official iPhone USB Cables.

Step 2 : When iTunes opens, select your iPhone under Devices in the Source List on the left. e.g. “Shanes iPhone”

Step 3 : In the iPhone Summary pane, click the “Check for Update” button.

Step 4 : Click “Download and Install”. Do NOT disconnect your iPhone until the update has finished.

iTunes : Unknown Error (13)

iTunes Unknown Error (13)
Some people are getting “Unknown Error (13)” problems when updating to the latest iOS, with errors appearing in iTunes saying the iPhone could not be restored or updated and reporting that “An unknown error occurred (13)”.

If this happens to you then you probably …

(a) did not have the correct version of iTunes setup before installing the latest iOS upgrade.
– It should be version 10 or the latest version as per the apple website

(b) You did not have enough disk space for the software to be extracted or for the backup to be saved.

If this happens you can try restoring your phone but you will probably lose everything and you will have to do an iPhone Restore using your last backup. This will reset the iPhone to the factory Settings.

When this happened to me (because I had version 9.2 of iTunes and tried updating) – I connected the iPhone to a different PC and this solved the problem. I then re-synched the iPhone on the original PC and restored the iPhone via the last valid Backup which luckily was that evening prior to trying the iOS 4.1 update.

WARNING : Please be aware of the risks when following on-line instructions from any websites.
This post was added because the “Unknown Error 13” occurred to me and the solution to fix the issue took a few hours for me to find – so hopefully this will help people in similar situations, getting Error (13) or hto elp those who didn’t know about updating iTunes to version 10 (or the last released version) prior to attempting iOS updates.

If in doubt ask an experts opinion as each PC / iPhone setup may differ. Some people may have good backups some may not and failure to follow correct Apple instructions could result in you losing data so please visit for all the details on the latest software updates for your iPhone.

iPhone Signal Strength to be fixed by Apple for iPhone 4G, 3GS & 3G

iPhone Signal Strength to be fixed by Apple for iPhone 4G, 3GS & 3G

With over 1.8m new iPhones sold there is a flaw coming to light affecting the signal strength of the iPhone. Apple are to fix this within weeks.

Apple is set to release a new update to the latest iPhone within weeks of the release. The iPhone went on sale in five countries, including the US & UK, on June 24th but iPhone fans in Ireland are not happy as the iPhone 4 will not be available in Ireland until July 30th. The official release date for the iPhone release in Ireland and 16 other countries was announced and confirmed by Apple at a press conference on Friday 16th 2010.

Apple have admitted there is a problem with how the iPhone calculates its signal strength. Some iPhone users had complained that holding their iPhone near where the antenna is located caused a reduction in signal strength and sometimes dropped calls. Apple defended this saying “Gripping any mobile phone in certain ways will reduce its reception by one or more bars. This is true of iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, as well as many Droid and Nokia phones. …. Users observing a drop of several bars of signal when they grip their iPhone in a certain way are most likely in an area with very weak signal strength, but they don’t know it because we are erroneously displaying four or five bars. Their big drop in bars is because their high bars were never real in the first place

Apple iPhone 4G

Apple have released a statement promising a software fix within weeks for the signal strength error. The iPhone seems to misrepresent signal strength and this is not just for the new iPhone 4G but apparently the signal strength error affects the previous iPhone 3GS and 3G models.

Apple said ,”…We were stunned to find that the formula we used to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong. Our formula, in many instances, mistakenly displays two more bars than it should for a given signal strength…

The new iPhone software fix is promised within weeks and should make the signal strength calculation more accurate … watch this space!

iPhone OS4.0.1 is now available which fixes some of these issues so download now!