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Technology Specialists Firing Sports Betting to New Heights

Technology Specialists Firing Sports Betting to New Heights

The sports betting industry is one of the most dynamic and exciting in the world, with the sector expertly leveraging technology to its advantage. Fresh innovations are impacting sports betting on a weekly basis, creating a landscape where customer engagement is at an all-time high. Read on as we analyse some of the latest developments in sports betting, starting with one which has been created by an Irish software company.

The Unit Takes Mobile Betting to Another Level

One of the greatest technological advancements of the 21st century has been smartphones. they have become a pivotal part of our lives and given rise to mobile betting. By opening mobile betting apps on their phones, punters have the luxury of wagering on sports events whenever and wherever they want.
Mobile sports betting apps already boast a plethora of exciting features including in-play wagering, which allows punters to place bets as the action unfolds.
Dundalk-based company The Unit is taking things to another level, with their betting apps capable of delivering ‘real-time’ statistical data to sports bettors. The Unit-built apps use machine learning algorithms for predictive insights and forecasting potential outcomes based on real-time data.

In the future, mobile apps will use artificial intelligence (AI) to understand user preferences and offer personalised betting options, odds suggestions, and alerts for potential betting opportunities. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are also on course to be integrated into apps. They can transport users to the game or provide AR overlays with statistics and highlights. Facebook has been working on mimicking the National Basketball Association’s courtside seat in VR. They launched a new generation of Oculus VR devices and are in discussion to add more VR NBA games next season.

Major League Baseball is also improving its stats to prepare more augmented reality offerings. The National Hockey League and Major League Soccer are working on upgrading their VR and AR offerings too, as they prepare for the future. Proper AR and VR use is still in its early stages but will become more common as companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook look to improve their offerings.

There’s already intense competition in the smart glasses market, which will only lead to progress and more immersive AR and VR devices.

Crypto is a Game-Changer in Sports Betting Tech

Cryptocurrencies have grown in importance over the years and will play a crucial role in advancing sports betting.
Digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have gained popularity and are now being widely accepted as forms of payment. Cryptocurrencies have several advantages over traditional payment methods. Using them offers bettors more anonymity, while transactions are processed faster and with lower fees.

They are also safe as they employ data structures with security qualities, which makes them an attractive option for players and different betting platforms.
Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular globally and will likely play an important role in shaping the future of sports betting.

However, despite the surge in popularity, several countries have been wary about the volatility of cryptocurrencies. These include the United Kingdom and Ireland. However, the latter recently relaxed its stance, with the Central Bank of Ireland adopting the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCAR) regulatory framework for European crypto-assets.

MiCAR has been designed to protect consumers and investors and avoid risks to financial stability. CBI president Gabriel Makhlouf has always been a vocal critic of cryptocurrencies but has shown increased openness towards stablecoins.

The CBI now allows betting apps in Ireland to accept digital currencies, and several operators have already started to gravitate towards them. While it may be some time before they replace more traditional payment methods, their availability is a big boost to punters.

Leveraging Biometrics for Identity and Responsible Gambling

Biometrics has not fully taken off as a preferred method of account security, but this will likely happen in the coming years. Facial recognition and fingerprint scanners allow players to log in safely and seamlessly. With this technology fully functioning, only authorised individuals can access betting platforms. Biometrics will ensure user accounts are extra protected and double as a tool for age verification that helps to prevent minors from sneaking into the gambling arena.

The technology can also be used to promote responsible gambling. AI systems can analyse a user’s biometric data, heart rate, or sweat patterns. If the system identifies risky gambling behaviour from subtle changes, it can intervene to offer breaks, set spending limits, or connect with support resources. This approach helps to keep players in control of their habits and keep the gambling experience healthy. Despite massive investments in behavioural biometrics in the UK and Ireland, several Irish sports betting apps listed at have pushed back against using them.
However, as the technology becomes more sophisticated, betting operators will likely embrace what biometrics has to offer from a security perspective.

Why are these platforms considered to be the best mobile casinos for Irish players?

Why are these platforms considered to be the best mobile casinos for Irish players?

There is no doubt that the online casino market around Ireland is booming right now, and this has seen many Irish players, including myself, try out classics like slots, blackjack, and roulette digitally. One of the most popular ways to do this is playing casino games via mobile. From the latest smartphones to the most stylish tablets, mobile iGaming around the country is huge.

This is easy to understand when you consider the convenience mobile gaming offers and the freedom it brings. Whether it is a work lunch break, the commute home by bus, or waiting for friends in a bar, being able to fill in time through mobile gaming is a real bonus. The amount of secure and reputable mobile casinos for Irish players is also a major reason why this way of playing games online has taken off.

What are the top-rated mobile casinos in Ireland to play at?

Not all mobile casinos are created equal and this has seen some sites become known as the best mobile casinos to register with.
These include;

  • Casumo
  • 888casino
  • 10bet Casino
  • LeoVegas
  • Novibet Casino

Although there are lots of casinos in Ireland that offer the chance to game via mobile, the five listed above are the best to try. But what makes them so awesome for people who like to play on the go?


Just as Neko in Carlow has become known as a top place for Asian food in the town, Casumo has become known around Ireland as a top mobile casino. Licensed to operate by the Malta Gaming Authority, it offers a seamless, enjoyable mobile experience. It is also a platform that offers a vast choice of games to dive into and exciting live games to try on the move.

Casumo’s Welcome Bonus is another highlight and sees 50 bonus spins plus a 100% matched deposit promo (up to €300) available. This mobile casino also offers fast withdrawal times and an extensive FAQ section for the most common queries. If you need extra help, the customer support team here is easy to reach via channels such as live chat.


888casino is another top-rated mobile casino in Ireland¾and it’s easy to see why when you take a closer look. To begin with, there is a fantastic no-deposit bonus of 88 free spins for all new customers! After this, there is a 100% matched deposit promo (up to €140) or a Premium Welcome Package to grab.

As well as an enjoyable and smooth mobile gaming experience, 888casino also has a range of reliable banking options. These include PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and ecoPayz. This site is also known for having exclusive games to try and exotic titles, such as keno. The VIP Club for loyal players is another highlight of this Irish mobile casino, as are the easy sign-up process and selection of live games. 

10bet Casino

10bet Casino is a major name within Irish iGaming and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. With an easy-to-navigate website and intuitive mobile interface, it is especially good for newbies to online casino play in the country. As with other mobile casinos on our list, 10bet stands out for its awesome welcome offer. This includes 50 free spins alongside a 100% matched deposit promo (up to €100).

With around 1700 titles to try out here, across categories such as live games, table games, and more, you will never get bored. If you ever fancy a change from casino games though, this platform has an extensive sports betting section to explore.


LeoVegas has been a big name in casino gaming online since 2012, and is a brand that Irish players can rely on. It is also a top choice for mobile play and has an easy-to-use, dedicated casino app to download. Once you have opened the app, there are thousands of games to try (including table games, jackpot slots, and more) and even a sports betting section to discover.

Licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority, LeoVegas has won numerous industry awards for excellence and places a lot of emphasis on protecting players with the latest cybersecurity features. When you also consider a range of secure payment options and an offer for new players that brings 200 free spins on Book of Dead, you can see why this stands out as a top mobile gaming site in Ireland.

Novibet Casino

Regulated by the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland, this casino platform is safe to play at and known for treating customers well. This can be seen in the fast and helpful customer support available to assist with any queries. Novibet Casino is also one of the top Irish mobile gaming sites for its generous welcome offer (which combines 50 free spins with a matched deposit promo) and its range of ongoing promotions (from daily gifts to prize drops).

The varied selection of games at this casino is also a real hit and includes table games, bingo, game shows, and more. If you like more unusual games, like Aviator or Maverick, this is the mobile casino for you. The dedicated mobile app is a nice touch here and is available on Android and iOS devices.

The best mobile casinos in Ireland stand out for many reasons

As the above shows, the best casino platforms in Ireland for mobile gaming stand out for many important reasons. Although other online casinos in the country might also be good choices, the ones we have listed really are the cream of the crop.



What Is Crypto Currency and How Does It Work

What Is Crypto Currency and How Does It Work

Technology has taken our world to the next stage as we have been living in a digital era for some time. Many sectors have evolved due to the rise of technology. Many websites provide entertainment to anyone with an Internet connection. Tons of people have access to various information that can help them educate themselves on various subjects, learn what’s new around the world, and more.

Technological advances have also revolutionized the financial sector with the introduction of many payment methods such as apps and e-wallets enabling a more convenient approach to transactions. In addition, the sector experienced quite a change when the first cryptocurrency came around.

There are several reasons why cryptocurrencies have become popular. They offer many benefits and are a convenient way of making transactions without relying on traditional banking systems. It didn’t take long for various sectors to adapt to the new currency. To this day, it remains a popular currency that people use to pay for goods, and services, and invest in. Just how popular is it? And how does it work?

The Crypto Popularity

It’s safe to say that cryptocurrency is one of the most popular currencies currently. Big-time and small-time investors are interested in it and have several such currencies as assets in their investment portfolios. Even regular people decide to dip their toes in crypto investments. Some companies and sectors already accept various virtual currencies as payment methods.

In other words, several airlines allow people to purchase plane tickets in crypto. Digital currencies are available as payment methods on some of the gaming platforms. On top of that, crypto has influenced many developers in the gaming sector and today there’s a thriving crypto gaming market.

Crypto is also popular in the iGaming industry. Many online casinos accept multiple cryptocurrencies as deposit and withdrawal methods. In addition to them, certain casino platforms focus solely on crypto transactions. These Crypto Casinos take the entire sector in a new direction. As things change and the popularity of cryptocurrency grows, the numbers of crypto users will increase and we’ll soon have a fully digital society where everyone will use various cryptocurrencies to make transactions.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Now that you know just how popular crypto is, it’s time to delve a bit deeper. As mentioned before, cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies. They don’t rely on a traditional banking system like fiat currencies, euros, dollars, and other currencies issued by banks, giving users a certain dose of freedom. Instead, they rely on cryptographic techniques for providing secure transactions. They’re often referred to as decentralized currencies as they rely on decentralized networks for their system to run. Blockchain technology powers these networks and allows multiple cryptocurrencies to thrive.

One of the most famous cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s origin story dates back to 2009 when a mysterious person called Satoshi Nakamoto gave it to the world. Since then cryptocurrency has become a prime investment asset and a popular payment method. Professionals and newbies alike show interest in Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies, looking for guides on how to make it in the world of crypto. Due to the many benefits of various cryptocurrencies, they will continue gaining popularity. The best you can do is understand how they work to put yourself ahead of the curve. So, let’s see what blockchain technology is all about.

The Blockchain Technology

The key characteristic of any virtual currency is that it operates via a decentralized network. Any crypto user isn’t bound to a traditional banking system where third parties take charge and make the rules. Traditional financial institutions have no say in how cryptocurrencies run. The decentralized networks need technology as a basis to operate, and often they’re based on blockchain.

Blockchain is a virtual ledger that keeps a record of all the transactions via multiple computers and networks. That system of operations ensures security and transparency for anyone owning the assets. The term blockchain states the nature of this technology. In other words, it’s a chain of blocks filled with transaction data.

Cryptographic hashes are used to link these blocks of data making it immutable. Each time someone makes a new transaction, it’s validated, after being added to the block, via a consensus mechanism such as a proof-of-stake or proof-of-work. When the block goes through the validation process successfully, it’s added to the chain. And so the chain grows.

Cryptographic Security

Security is a vital element of using cryptocurrencies. Each crypto owner has access to two keys. The public one is visible to all the other crypto users and it functions like an address. Public keys are used to establish links between users and make a transaction happen. Private keys are private, only the owner knows them. It works as a digital signature for each transaction and proof that it happened.

Encryption technology has been an efficient protector of many online transactions. It’s also part of the cryptosystem to keep users and transactions safe. Asymmetric encryption enables the private key holder to decrypt messages and transactions. Furthermore, cryptographic hashing is there to generate unique identifiers for each of the blocks making the system virtually impregnable.

Use Cases and Applications

Now that you know you’re safe when using crypto, let’s look at how you can use various virtual currencies. Peer-to-peer transactions are most common with these currencies. They forego the use of traditional financial institutions and allow users to conduct transactions directly. Cryptocurrencies also use smart contracts, which automate the transaction process. They eliminate intermediaries and lower the risk of fraud significantly. With these things in mind, it’s evident why more companies decide on covering crypto payment methods.

Final Words

Cryptocurrencies are the currencies of the future. They’re digital, anyone with an Internet connection can use them as they provide swift transactions via a decentralized system. They are some of the most popular investment assets and payment methods in some sectors. Now that you know a bit about them, you can delve deeper into the rabbit hole and even try, and even purchase a crypto asset.


Internet Tips: How to Discover Attractive Casino Welcome Bonuses 

Internet Tips: How to Discover Attractive Casino Welcome Bonuses 

Bonuses and promotions have become a big deal across the industry, with casinos using them to encourage people to sign up with their platform. Welcome bonuses have been the most common type to be offered, although they can often come in various methods.

Some may feature deposit bonuses, whereas others may offer free spins. It is also possible to find promotions that offer other specific features or even rare incentives, such as no-deposit bonuses. Nonetheless, finding an attractive casino welcome bonus is possible and can be done with ease if you know where to look.

To maximize the chances of finding one of these, though, make sure you’re using the internet properly and practicing the right methods to find them. Bare with us in the following paragraphs as we discuss just some of the biggest and best tips that can be used to enhance the success rate of finding the most attractive bonuses.

Look Around At Numerous Casinos

It can be beneficial to shop around when you’re looking for the most attractive casino welcome bonuses. Doing some research for any activity can often pay dividends, and with the internet making things easier than ever, it does not have to be a lengthy process. It can be possible to use sites that highlight some of the promotions available, while a quick browse on a search engine can be enough.

Know The Types Of Welcome Bonuses

It is highly advantageous to know the different types of welcome bonuses, as this can help aid any search. As highlighted, there are numerous ways a welcome bonus can look, and what makes them appealing or attractive will often depend on personal preference. Knowing what type of offer is being sought after can be extremely beneficial in finding an attractive offer.

Check The Terms And Conditions

It is very important to consider the terms and conditions when signing up to receive a welcome offer, as these can often help determine whether it is as good as it looks or if it might be worth having another think before signing up and claiming it. There can often be wagering requirements, limits, or time constraints placed upon the bonus when claimed, which may not always be made known without a quick peruse of the T&Cs.

Contact Customer Support

If advice is ever needed or if questions are wanted about specific terms or conditions of a welcome bonus, it is very possible that the customer support team can help out with any query. They are there to help and will often be able to provide the lowdown about everything to do with the promotion, including outlining and explaining any terms that may not be understood. Casinos can often feature technical and jargon language, making it very confusing for those who do not have a solid understanding.


Online casinos have been able to grow rapidly with the advancement of the internet, with operators able to meet the demands of players continually. Gamers want the best experiences possible with each session that they participate in.

Welcome bonuses have long been used as an effective marketing tool for attracting players, and they remain popular today. You should be able to find some that are more attractive than others, and if you follow the tips outlined, you will probably have a better chance of finding one that suits your needs.

How do you find the right online casino?

How do you find the right online casino?

As you might know, I actually do, from time to time use online gaming. For me, it’s a bit of fun as I normally only bet small amounts, but it’s responsible gaming and I have had a few decent wins over the years. But these days, Online games and casinos are more than just a trend. They are now an integral part of online leisure activities. Online casinos are a welcome leisure activity for many users, away from the stresses of everyday life.

However, in the wild jungle of websites with casino games, users who occasionally enjoy gambling can hardly find their way around. A constant stream of new providers from different countries often causes more confusion than clarity as to where you can play which games reliably.

We would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to a few important points that you should bear in mind when searching for the “perfect casino”. You can always save your time and entrust this task to RateIt, a platform that contains hundreds of honest reviews of various casinos. There you can find the best casino site you can trust. Check it out for yourself here:

Casino providers particularly like to entice new customers with free spins or bonus payments in order to get them registered on their sites. Yes, casino bonus no deposit, that is in no way a contradiction. It is often worth taking a closer look, for example on comparison sites, to filter out the best offer for you. In principle, a new customer does not necessarily have to make an advance payment as a deposit.

The first step is to find out which games you prefer. The offer is varied. Particularly popular are Narcos, Starburst, Mega Fortunes, Book of Dead, Bonanza, Twin Spin, Gonzo’s Quest, Immortal Romance, Mega Moolah, Book of Oz, Cheeky Monkeys, Dead or Alive, Mustang Gold, Raging Rex, Shogun of Time and many more.

The offer is extremely varied.  Free spins are a popular tool used by providers to attract customers. Anyone who wants to “specialise” in only winning free spins from different providers should be aware that this idea often quickly leads to failure.  The providers’ terms and conditions often put a quick end to this, as players hardly ever place any bets of their own. This barrier can also affect players who registered a long time ago and want to start playing again with free spins after a break.

However, existing customers can also benefit from bonus points, which in turn include corresponding free spins. Players often quickly slip into the status of so-called VIP players. They then receive so-called VIP points after a short time and a corresponding stake. This is an advantage over customers without this status. Once you have this status, you can often receive weekly free spins that are linked to corresponding deposits. However, bonus points may be linked to further free spins. You should therefore make sure that you also receive the corresponding payouts. Otherwise, you are a welcome customer who will end up having a lot of fun playing, but will also make little real profit.

Another model is a bonus that is not only linked to a certain deposit at the start, but also includes a certain, often higher amount of gaming turnover at the end.

It is advantageous to try out free spins and bonus codes at the start, but also to take a look at a longer-term membership and the associated conditions beforehand.

It is therefore always worth taking a look at the small print. Not all bonuses are the same. If you want to play with a provider on a permanent basis, you should also pay attention to the bonus or free spins package behind the first “enticing offer”. If you pay close attention to this, you will also have fun playing with a bonus and without a deposit.

Online casinos offer a world of excitement, thrills and winning opportunities. But not every casino is equally good. Overall, there are many factors that play a role in choosing the best online casino. With these tips, you can be sure that you will find a casino that suits your needs and preferences.

Every week, a new online casino grants players access. There are now hundreds of casinos online. It’s no wonder that it’s particularly difficult to choose. After all, most casinos look the same. So here are some casino tips to help you choose the right platform.

Don’t just go for the first best

Of course, the search for a casino online usually leads to a search engine. But beware: the first search results are not always the best. This is therefore not a good approach. Beginners in particular, who are new to the scene, may not yet have a deep insight here. Casinos that end up at the top of the search do not necessarily have to be the ones where you can play well in the end. That’s why a second look is highly recommended. After all, who wants to leave their money lying around because they might have signed up to the wrong casino – that’s right: nobody! It’s better to do a little more research and leave your money in the right place at the end, or even better, get it out.

How online casino comparison portals can help

If you’re looking for the perfect online casino for you, there’s really no way around a portal like this. We are talking about a site where experts evaluate and compare a number of online casinos. They go into the pros and cons of the respective portals and thus help players to get a better overview. A trained eye is worth its weight in gold here. After all, players can benefit enormously from such expertise. All offers are listed here in clearly organised categories. Anyone looking for a welcome bonus or real money games, for example, will quickly find what they are looking for here. What’s more, these guides offer a lot more useful information on the topic of online casinos. This includes, for example, a list of game manufacturers and available games or an overview of the usual payment methods. The portals therefore offer a bit of an all-round carefree package and are therefore the perfect source for research, especially for new players.

Pay attention to well-founded content

What applies to the choice of online casino can also be applied to comparison portals: players should not trust the first site that comes along. But how do you find the right comparison portal? Quite simply, players should take a closer look at the first impression the site makes and scrutinise it if necessary. This includes, for example, whether the site is well designed and clearly organised. Another point is whether there is a lot of comprehensive information about the casinos. It is also helpful to look at the site’s standards. Is every casino listed here or is there a pre-selection? Players can usually find information on this on the “About us” or “Test criteria” subpages.

In the best case scenario, the guide page offers a narrow and clear selection of casinos that come into question. This makes the choice much easier. The best lists on these pages are very clear and immediately show you some of the casino’s main advantages. If you want to know more, you can read through the reviews. If you are convinced, you can usually access the platform directly via a link and get started.

3 Most Popular Slots at HeySpin with Historical Events and Mythology as Themes

3 Most Popular Slots at HeySpin with Historical Events and Mythology as Themes

Are you looking for your next favourite slot machine? There is a lot to love on the HeySpin website, but how do you sift through the different genres and features for the one made for you? Well, if you’re into historical events, ancient worlds, or mythology, we’ve got the list for you. We’ve narrowed down the best of these themes. Read on to find your new favourite slot.

Story of Love Aphrodite’s Spell Slot

If you’re a fan of ancient Greek and Roman mythology, you’re sure to love the Story of Love Aphrodite’s Spell slot machine. This Spinomenal slot machine features the goddess made of seafoam in every form. She smiles at you from a wild symbol, her beauty is captured in a bust, and the icons that made her famous are on the reels to make paylines.

The mid-tier icons are made up of her crown, a bust, a pearl in a clam, and a dove, with ace, king, queen, and jack making up the lower-tier icons. There is a free spins symbol that will grant up to 50 free spins, and Aphrodite herself appears as an expanding wild symbol for more wins.

You’re sure to fall in love with this slot.

Rich Wilde and the Amulet of Dead Slot

The great adventurer, Rich Wilde is out on another adventure. On-the-nose name aside, he makes for a great slot companion. This time he is back in Ancient Egypt to find the Amulet of Dead.

The Indiana Jones-like character appears as the highest-paying icon, right ahead of Tutankhamun in his distinctive gold and blue mask, the dog-faced dog Anubis, and a bright blue bird. The ibis-headed god Thoth appears as a wild symbol to create more of the 10 available paylines, but if you stack an entire reel with him, you’ll trigger a multiplier worth up to 5x your bet!

A scatter symbol appears in the form of the eye of Horus and can trigger 10 free spins and 200x your bet when free spins are triggered. It is also a wild scatter that can replace icons to make paylines and be worth up to 1000x your bet! Drop by HeySpin to give it a go for yourself.

Book of Baba Yaga: Winter Spell Slot

The original Book of Baba Yaga from Spinomenal is one of the most popular mythological slot machines on the market, but with the colder nights coming in, we think you should give the Book of Baba Yaga: Winter Spell a try.

This folktale-themed slot features lots of gameplay tools to help you win more, but also a fearful creature in the middle of a snowy wood. The high paying icons are made up of a bundle of sage to scare away spirits, a black cat, Baba Yaga’s cottage and Baby Yaga herself.

But there is lots of magic at play here. The scatter and wild symbol are both represented by the Book of Baba Yaga, which has a potion bottle tied to it. Make of that what you will! It will replace icons to make more paylines, but also pay up to 250x your bet and grant 10 free spins!

There is an additional free spins feature that will show you a wheel when triggered. This wheel is made up of the medium icons, so Baba Yaga, her house, the cat and the sage, and when it lands on an icon the corresponding icons on the board will become an expanding symbol for the free spins round.

Honourable mention: Immortal Desire Slot

We simply had to add in this extra one because it’s sure to be a fan favourite. The Immortal Desire slot machine has only been on the scene a few months and will officially be released on the 9th of November, but this moody, gothic, vampire-filled slot from Hacksaw Gaming is sure to get heads turning.

We say “vampires”, but on the face of it, these women are all nuns. Women of the faith, simply trying to help out their communities. So why does something about these pale faces and blood red lips seem so off?

The icons are made up of four sultry characters. Eight in total, they feature a daytime version, where they are innocently garbed in full robes, and a nighttime version where their petticoats hide a dark side to them. Trigger the Blood Reel to get the higher-paying dark symbols.

A vial of holy water is their wild symbol, helping you get one of the 1,024 paylines in the game, but that’s just the start of the gameplay features. There is also a coffin symbol that can get you a random multiplier worth up to 10x your bet. A lit candle is the free spins symbol for 10 free spins initially. And then there are the awakened multiplier symbols which can be worth up to 500x your bet!


The selection of aforementioned slots that are themed on historical events, ancient worlds, or mythology is but a small scratch on the surface of this absorbing universe of fun, fantastical creatures, and eerie, scary locations. Dive in and lose yourself in the mists of time.