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Results of the latest #ShanesDailyPoll

Results of the latest #ShanesDailyPoll

I have being running #ShanesDailyPoll on my @mrshanemcdonald Twitter account for the past week. This is a daily poll with a different question each day and here are a selection of the results. If you want to see all the polls follow @mrshanemcdonald or click here.

#ShanesDailyPoll Results

President Trump?

Question : Who do you think will win the US Presidential Election?

I posed the question who did you think would win the US Presidential Election? Thankfully Hilary Clinton won the election on my Twitter poll. Considering Hillary Clinton said that “it is worrying that a man who can be baited by a tweet should be running for the presidency”, hopefully she will win! I feel Trump does not have the qualities a world leader should have, and even President Obama has said he is “unfit to be president”.

  • Hilary Clinton 65% 65%
  • Donald Trump 35% 35%

Sugar Tax

Question : Do you agree with a Sugar Tax, if the money raised goes back into healthcare ?

I was shocked at how high the results were on this one. I think it might be a good idea considering the effects sugar has on the body in relation to the production of fat. The only thing is that it will need to be very well defined and monitored, i.e. will diet drinks be taxed, considering that some artificial sweeteners have the same insulin producing results as sugar. Also where will the tax go and how will it be diverted to health care.

  • Yes 93% 93%
  • No 7% 7%


Question : Do you think Ireland should be 100% smoke-free / tobacco free by 2025?

There are government proposals to make Ireland a smoke free country by 2025. Many smokers feel it is a Nanny-state move. Considering how harmful smoking is to health this is a very important area for all to discuss. Also there are issues regarding littering, as many smokers flick their butts into the street once they are finished with their cigarette (I think technically they should be done for littering  for this).

  • Yes – Smoking is gross 67% 67%
  • No, it is the smokers choice 33% 33%

Don’t forget if you want more daily polls, search for #ShanesDailyPoll on Twitter or follow me at @mrshanemcdonald .

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Queen angered as Trump uses We are the Champions

Queen angered as Trump uses We are the Champions

Rock band Queen (my favourite band as you probably know by now) have lodged the latest protest against Donald Trump. The presidential candidate played the band’s famous 1970s anthem ‘We Are the Champions’ at the Republican National Convention.

The song was used without the consent of the band and Donald Trump took the stage with ‘We Are the Champions’ playing in the background, walking through a cloud of dry ice on Monday.

The Queen guitarist, Brian May has said that, whatever Queen’s views on Mr. Trump, it did not allow politicians to play Queen songs. The song was written Freddie Mercury and was released on 7th October 1977 on the News of the World album. It is one of the most recognisable Queen songs and is played at many sporting events.

Adam Lambert, is currently performing Queen on tour, has been much more up front with his opinions. He is quoted as saying, “If your political party spends decades treating gay people as second class citizens, then guess what: You don’t get to use Freddie Mercury’s music at your convention,” Lambert, who is also gay, expressed his opinions on Twitter.

Other musicians and artists have had their music played by Donald Trump including the Rolling Stones, REM, Neil Young and even Adele. if you want the video you can here another song just fading out at the start of the video… so Queen were not the only artists who’s music was used without permission.

What I don’t understand is why these artists don’t sue Donald Trump for usage etc. I really dislike the attitude currently being displayed by Donald Trump in this regard. Blatantly playing copyright protected music without first seeking permission.

What do you think? Should these artists be upset about the music being used. Or is it just a case that the music is getting some extra publicity. I’m not sure if it is related but Queen Greatest Hits 1 is at position 72 in the UK album charts , up 14 places from last week when it was in 86 position …. Coincidence?

Queen Live at Wembley – 30 Years Ago Today

Queen Live at Wembley – 30 Years Ago Today

On this day 30 years ago, 12th July, 1986, Queen took to the stage at Webmley Stadium for what I feel is probably their best performance. The concert, part of the Magic Tour, was recorded and the album was released on 26 May 1992, with a DVD released in June 2003.

I first saw this Queen concert in 1989 when The Tube, an ITV program, broadcast sections of the show late one Sunday evening.

It is certainly one of my favourite live concerts and I regularly put it on and with my piano and guitar turned to 11 (spinal tap reference), I jam away to it. The first 2 tracks kick the concert off with a bang, ‘One Vision’ and ‘Tie your Mother Down’. Other excellent tracks in the performance include Queen hitls like  ‘A Kind of Magic’, ‘I want to Break Free’, ‘Love of My Life’ (with the audience joining in) and a poignant ‘Who Wants to Live forever’ where Freddie says “we’re gonna stay together until we fucking well die, I’m sure of it.” Apparently the band knew of his illness at that stage.

If you haven’t seen the concert it is certainly worth taking a look at, as Queen pump out hit after hit.

Track listing

“One Vision” – 5:50
“Tie Your Mother Down” – 3:52
“In the Lap of the Gods… Revisited” – 2:44
“Seven Seas of Rhye” – 1:19
“Tear It Up” – 2:12
“A Kind of Magic” – 8:41
“Under Pressure” – 3:41
“Another One Bites the Dust” – 4:54
“Who Wants to Live Forever” – 5:16
“I Want to Break Free” – 3:34
“Impromptu” – 2:55
“Brighton Rock Solo” – 9:11
“Now I’m Here” – 6:19
“Love of My Life” – 4:47
“Is This the World We Created…?” – 2:59
“(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care” – 1:34
“Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)” – 1:24
“Tutti Frutti” ( – 3:23[4]
“Gimme Some Lovin'” – 0:55
“Bohemian Rhapsody” – 5:50
“Hammer to Fall” – 5:36
“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – 6:27
“Big Spender” – 1:07
“Radio Ga Ga” – 5:57
“We Will Rock You” – 2:46
“Friends Will Be Friends” – 2:08
“We Are the Champions” – 4:05
“God Save the Queen” – 1:27

Female 007 – Could Jane Bond happen

Female 007 – Could Jane Bond happen

As we know, Daniel Craig has turned town a huge multimillion dollar sum to stay on and do another James Bond film.  The previous film Spectre, was a wonderful action film but as a Bond film, in my eyes left a lot to be desired. There may be a new twist, a female 007. Actress, Gillian Anderson has created a storm within the Bond world by tweeting her approval of the concept of a female 007 character – I presume at this stage, and according to the fan trailer, Jane Bond would be the front runner.

The male actors which are rumoured to take over from Daniel Craig in the Bond franchise include Idris Elba (who starred in Thor and the Jungle Book), Damian Lewis (who was in the 2012 version of the Sweeney) and Tom Hiddleston (who you may know from the Avengers and Thor movies).

Someone in the online James Bond fan community has even created a female James Bond trailer featuring Gillian Anderson. The video itself is compiled from many Gillian Anderson clips including recent drama which was set in Northern Ireland, ‘The Fall’. (see below)

What do you think of having a female 007? Is it time? Would it work?

Boeing 747 crash is captured on video

Boeing 747 crash is captured on video

This dramatic crash of a Boeing-747 cargo jet was captured as it took off from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan on April 29.

The boeing 747 was a cargo jet and was operated by National Air Cargo. The 747 was en-route from Bagram to Dubai.

The take off starts smoothly and then something happens and the aircraft looks like it is struggling, stall-like, and then the aircraft enters an unrecoverable attitude and loses altitude crashing moments later.


An investigation is underway into the crash which occurred shortly after take-off, with observers on the ground saying that a shift in the cargo load of five military vehicles appeared to have taken place.

All 7 onboard the 747 are believed to have died in the crash.

Superstitious Government ditch 13 registration on Cars

Superstitious Government ditch 13 registration on Cars

When I heard this story I thought I was after traveling back in time to the 1850’s!

Apparently it is being reported that the Government is to trying to hide the fact that next year is 2013 and that they are set to bring in a new licence-plate system next year. This is because there are “fears” that a “13” (unlucky for some) registration number would negatively impact on car sales.

The solution according to the Wrath Fearing Triskaidekaphobic boffins, is to MASK the 13 with an extra 1 so you get “131”. This is a fear that has no bearing on anything.

I would gladly but a car in 2013 and it could be 13 W 1313 and I still wouldn’t care. Accidents are caused not by numbers but by speed, carelessness, drink, drugs, failure to drive in line with the road conditions and lack of observation …. not by your number-plate.

How many people were killed on Irish Roads between 2000 and 2012 because of their number-plate?

With the state of the country’s economic situation – this is what our money is being spent on!

Afraid of the Year 13 on Reg plates

Some future plans by the government include ;

  • A ban on all ladders greater than 4.5 feet incase people walk under them
  • Every Irish Citizen must carry a spare ‘pocket’ Magpie, just in case there is only one in front of them
  • All Mirrors sold in Ireland must be Unbreakable …. just in case
  • A Ban on using the number 13 in all Bingo Halls Nationwide and on the National Lottery

Rant over !