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About F***ing time – Big Brother, the biggest load of crap to hit the TV in years has been canned.  Viewing figures went from 8million at the peak of the Big Brother sensation, to only 2million in recent series. Channel 4 have seen sence and decided to run one final series of Big Brother which they are contracted to do.

I really hated the show – inane music, stupid commentary from a guy with a a terrible accent, “Deeh Fooh in the Big Bruuvvah Hoose”, and a waste of time watching. It meant that we had hours on hours of this series, so that they didn’t have to show REAL Television.

What was Big Brother?

  • You could watch people sitting around in a house …. Ooooh, sure I can do that at home !!
  • These people had tasks to do …. Give the kids some chores and watch THEM !!
  • You could watch people in the toilet … WHAT sort of sick bastard wants to watch that !!

Thank God Big Brother is axed and finished – The best news all week!


PS: Sorry if you think I am being very harsh here, but all of the above points are my own opinions on what I think is a a terrible TV program which gave no real value to the viewer.

Here ends my Rant of the Week for this week

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