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Bad driving in Ireland

Bad driving in Ireland is still a problem, despite penalty points being increased and the number of offences is also added to on a yearly basis.

In the past week, I have observed numerous instances of stupid driving behaviour which, if there was a police presence in the area, would have been allocated penalty points.


I see this every day, mostly it’s just 20-30 kph above the limit, nobody seems to bat an eyelid. Even when you are going the correct speed, those behind you seem to think that the 100kph limit does not apply to them and therefore proceed to flashlights to get you to move in. I think some of the bad driving in Ireland is a result of attitudes to the police. Lack of enforcement is the issue here and although the speed vans are around, this I feel is not as much of a deterrent as the UK model – i.e. hundreds of static speed cameras plus police enforcement. Also in the UK, there are ‘average speed cameras’ which can’t really be cheated.

Only last week I saw a guy pass me doing about 170 kph on the M9 and luckily for those on the road the Garda car spotted him at Mullinavat and eventually stopped him when he reached the M9 junction at Waterford.

Seat Belts

I can’t believe how often I have seen this during the week, people driving down the road and then deciding to put-on seat belts while the car is moving. If you look out for this you will be alarmed at how often people are doing this.

Mobile Phone Usage while Driving

Again another one which should be enforced better, I see this all the time, commercial vehicles, taxis, and private car owners, driving and using a mobile phone. I even saw a guy at the M9 Knocktopher junction driving at 120 kph using an iPad on the steering wheel. Should there be an offence for using a tablet (not technically a mobile phone) while driving?

Anyway, this madness continues despite Operation Slow Down which started on Friday – during which I saw no police enforcement during a 100km drive on Friday, maybe they were elsewhere.

Until Irish drivers get some sense, our death toll on the roads will increase and bad driving in Ireland will continue to be in the news. 

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