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With the recession it seems that certain businesses and certain companies in Ireland are reducing levels of service in order to save costs.

The boom is over and prices have fallen, but have levels of service also been reduced – getting poor service is something which is creeping in here in there. From Restaurants and Bars to Travel Services and the general Service industry. I have seen many examples in the past year where I feel that customer support and client relations especially in interpersonal transactions such as retail cashiers, just was not up to scratch … not going to name any places (just yet) , but I’m just wondering if I’m alone. In one establishment, I held out my hand to get change and while looking me in the eye, the girl at the till plonked the coins onto the counter, another incident involved going to a till and the cashier just saying “20” … not “Thats €20 please”, just “20” – no please and when I was finished, no thank you. There are other areas where companies in Ireland are just skimping on quality.
Small things but I haven’t returned there!

I do a lot of training with regards to Customer Service and giving good levels of help  is something that some companies don’t do enough work on. There are certain companies that have in the past been criticized when it comes to good customer service, but who, in recent years have improved their services and actually gone on to repair past issues. There are certain companies, who I will not name, who I have more respect for now because they have dealt with service issues, improved on them and then gone on to excel in areas of customer service and customer expectations. If you own a business or run a company it is worth focusing on the customer and making sure that their needs are met and their expectations are exceeded. 

This is an old post on left here for retrospect and review purposes.