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Yet another Waterford Film for All showing, and yet another good film – this film “The Story of Anvil” premiered at the Sundance film festival in 2008. The Anvil movie starts off with actual interviews with legendary musicians who have been influenced by the band. These include Slash from Guns N’ Roses,  Lemmy from Motörhead, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, and Scott Ian from Anthrax.

The film is about a Canadian Rock band who toured with Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and other rock gods of the mid 80’s. Bon Jovi , Whitesnake all went onto make millions … Anvil did not. Twelve albums later, Anvil are writing a new album called ‘This is Thirteen’ and they are trying to find the fame that eluded them 20 years on.

A European girl promises that she can organise a tour for them in Europe and takes on the role of manager. She brings them to Sweden, Prague (where they are not paid), Munich, and other locations in Romania, Spain and Germany. However things don’t run smoothly, missing trains and waiting overnight in airports. Steve “Lips” Kudlow and Robb Reiner work to try make every gig as good as possible – but frictions are running high.

The new material for the album is written and Lips chances calling Chris Tsangarides who worked on their album in 1982 (shortly after he worked on Thin Lizzys album). Chris agrees to work on the new 13th album. The story progresses with album work and a possibility of a Japan tour … will anyone buy the album … will more the 10 people show up for the Japanese Tour?   Watch it and see – its great !

Michael Moore said that this movie is “the best documentary I’ve seen in years” – I would agree. Its good fun and also documents very well the trials they had to go through and the passion they feel about the band.

Anvil Movie Running Time : 90 mins

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Would I watch the Anvil Movie again : Yes

Overall : 9/10

The Story of Anvil – Anvil Movie / Film Trailer

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