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Lanzarote Arrecife Airport Transfer Service – My Experiences

Imagine landing at an airport and finding out your travel agent never booked airport transfers for you. This happened to me when visiting Lanzarote Airport. At this stage, I had no way of getting to my hotel and I was quite annoyed with the agent. The travel agent said I never asked for transfers however how was I to know Arrecife Airport was so far away from my Lanzarote hotel.

Having got a few prices from each transfer services at the airport, some of which were quite expensive and obviously trying their luck, I chose one. I ended up finding an excellent airport transfer service from a company called ‘Canal Travel’ which brought us from Arrecife Airport to Los Farriones Hotel.

The transfer service to our hotel was polite and well run, plus, it was good value. I found them to provide a very reliable service the owner Rafael was excellent in helping us on our arrival. On departure back to Arrecife Airport a week later, they were right on time (they were actually there in advance) at our hotel, and took our bags from the lobby. This level of service helped make a departure from the hotel that bit easier.

I was well impressed and certainly recommend them if you are travelling to Lanzarote they are the ideal Lanzarote / Arrecife Airport Transfer Service.

Canal Travel