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This is a links page with some websites which may be of interest. I have them broken into categories and they are only the sites I use most often. There is a also section for websites which I have been asked to list, however these are not sponsored inclusions. Before adding a link to the ‘by request’ section I do check the content and if I am happy with the information on the site I will list it. However I cannot be responsible for content on 3rd party websites is please use them at your own discretion.

This section is currently under construction and I will add more links in the coming days.

My Personal Sites

Shane McDonald Photography
My PhotoBlog

Shane McDonald .ie
This site that you are on

Shane’s Queen Site
My Queen Fan Site


Photography Sites

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Interesting Sites

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Requested Links Sites

These are some links I have been asked to included.


Note: This site is not responsible for the content on these external sites.

If you have a website which you feel should be included on this section please either leave a comment or email the webmaster at this address. This website is not responsible for any content on 3rd party sites listed here and visiting those sites is done so at your own risk.
All sites are vetted before listing here however content on those sites may change over time.

This is just a section which is a legacy from when my site was at and I wanted to replicate it here. Please come back soon and I hope to have more links added to the section.

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