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If you are interested in getting in touch with me from a PR perspective, the details of my online profiles, site performance, page views, site traffic, social media accounts are included below. This site is updated at least once a week either on the blog or on the pages section.  The most popular pages on the site are the music information sections and also the “how to” and review blog posts.

The PR section is updated every month with up-to-date figures.

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I am more than happy having a chat over email, just email me on the above address or visit the contact me section of the website.

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Total Social Media Audience

Social Media and website traffic figures correct as of last update to this page – February 26th 2019

Average Website Page-Views per Month

Total Number of Pageviews since 2009

Last Updated 7th June 2023

The PR details above give some sort of indication as to the traffic to this site and the social media presence I have grown over the past few years. The site traffic (page views) is rounded and the figures are from Google Analytics sourced from 1st Jan 2009. The PR section of the site is updated every 1-2 months.

Past PR Work

By 2023, I have been running my personal website for over 24 years. Originally the site was manually coded in basic HTML and hosted on the old servers. In 2000 I invested in a virtual server and used PHP/HTML to manually code and updated the site, this was in the days before WordPress and blogging software. I enjoy having a website of my own as it certainly takes you on interesting journeys, working with people, and getting in touch with website visitors, fellow bloggers, companies, and brands.

In the past, I have worked with authors, software companies, and companies that wished for me to try their product and then write an honest piece about it. I genuinely enjoy this and always give a try representation of my thoughts on such matters. If you wish for paid promotions, guest blogs, or for me to try your products or services I am open to these opportunities. I get between 20-30 requests for promotions/guest posts every week and I only accept a very small percentage of these based on the criteria of this website.

If you wish to get in touch with me please drop me an email or send me a private message on any of my social media accounts.