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About Shane McDonald and ShaneMcDonald .ie

These are a few brief questions about who runs ShaneMcDonald. ie, where Shane McDonald is from, Shane’s background (that’s me) and the things I like. This is an old page but I kept it on the site after moving the site from shanemcdonald .org to .ie in 2016. If there isn’t a question here but you want to ask it drop me a line via the contact form but the chances are that I’m not really updating this page any more but I may do so at some point in the future…

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Place of Birth
Waterford, Ireland
Currently Living in
Waterford, Ireland
Favourite Music

80’s/90’s Classic Rock (e.g. Queen, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Whitesnake, Aerosmith), Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Metallica

Best Music Concerts Attended
    1. Glastonbury Festival 2015 (Actually played 2 stages myself … Bucket List ticked off)
    2. Devin Townsend – Live at the Ancient Theatre, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    3. Joe Bonamassa at the Royal Albert Hall
    4. Glastonbury Festival 2013
    5. Queen+ Paul Rodgers (Le Zenith, Paris, France)
    6. Iron Maiden (O2 London, 2013)
    7. Joe Bonamassa (Paris, 2014)
    8. Bon Jovi (RDS, Dublin, 2001)
    9. Def Leppard (Olympia, Dublin, 2000)
    10. Metallica (RDS, Dublin 2006)
    11. Robbie Williams (Lansdowne Road, Dublin, 2001)
    12. Iron Maiden (RDS, Dublin 2007)
    13. Whitesnake, Thunder, Def Leppard (Echo Arena, Liverpool, 2008)
    Favourite Vintage Arcade games
    1. Out Run (1986)
    2. Bubble Bobble (1986)
    3. R-Type (1987)
    4. Road Fighter (1984)
    5. Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins
    Favourite Computer Games owned
    1. Test Drive 2 (Commodore Amiga, 1989)
    2. Double Dragon (Amstrad CPC-6128, 1987)
    3. Zorgons Revenge (Oric, 1984)
    4. Interceptor (Commodore Amiga, 1989)
    Favorite European Cities Visitied
    1. Paris, France
    2. London, UK
    3. Prague, Czech Rep. (worked there for a while)
    4. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    5. Barcelona, Spain
    6. Munich, Germany
    Favourite Worldwide Locations Visited
    1. New Zealand (All of it)
    2. Sydney, Australia
    3. Los Angeles, California, USA
    4. Hong Kong, China
    5. Singapore
    6. Ayers Rock, NT, Australia
    7. Veti Levu, Fiji
    8. Everglades, Florida
    9. Paris, France
    10. Prague, Czech Rep.
    11. Orlando, Florida, USA
    Favourite Rollercoasters
    These are some rollercoasters I tried out in the USA. Wonderful if you like that sort of thing…

    1. Duelling Dragons, Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL. (Visited 8 Times)
    2. The Incredible Hulk, Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL. (Visited 12 Times)
    3. Montu, Busch Gardens, Tampa, FL. (Visited 6 Times)
    Most Unusual Thrill-rides tried
    1. Horizontal Bungee – just off Interstate 4, Orlando, FL.
    2. Duelling Dragons, Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL.
    3. Alien Encounter, Disney, Orlando, FL.
    Favourite Films
    1. Bohemian Rhapsocy
    2. Top Gun
    3. Highlander
    4. Groundhog Day
    5. Back to the Future Trilogy
    6. Airplane ( I & II )
    7. Bohemian Rhapsody
    8. Naked Gun ( all of them ! )
    9. Gremlins
    10. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    11. Life of Brian – Monty Python
    12. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (Original) … something about it!

    A lot of retro films there…

    Favourite Foods
    1. Chinese / Vietnamese
    2. Seafood, esp. Sushi
    3. Chocolate – It is a food .. isn’t it ?!
    Favourite Sports
    1. Soccer – Haven’t played in ages
    2. Snooker – best break 49, but again haven’t played in ages !
    3. Pitch ‘n’ Putt – Golf is far too drawn out.
    Least Favourite Sports
    1. Basketball – too much exercise for my liking!
    2. AFL – How can you miss with 3 goal posts?
    3. Synchronised Swimming – if one drowns, do they all ?

    Shane McDonald – an experienced digital marketer with over 20 years experience in programming, online marketing and online technologies. With expertise is in PPC, online display advertising, e-mail marketing, SEO, social media marketing. I also run a photography site and as a Musician I also run my own Queen Fan Site.

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