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This dramatic crash of a Boeing-747 cargo jet was captured as it took off from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan on April 29.

The Boeing 747 was a cargo jet and was operated by National Air Cargo. The 747 was en-route from Bagram to Dubai. The 747 aircraft took off from Bagram’s runway 03 at 3:30pm local time. The take-off roll starts smoothly. There is a positive rate of climb and then something happens. The aircraft looks like it is struggling, seems to stall as it passed through 1,200 feet. The nose of the 747 rose and then the aircraft enters an unrecoverable stall attitude and loses altitude crashing moments later.


An investigation into the crash identified a shift in the cargo load of five military vehicles appeared to have taken place. At least one armoured vehicle came loose and rolled backwards. The vehicle impacted against the 747s rear bulkhead. This impact damaged the bulkhead and also crippled key hydraulic systems. One of these systems was the horizontal stabilizer’s jackscrew. This is such a vital component that the 747 became uncontrollable. There was absolutely nothing the crew could have done.

All 7 onboard the 747 are believed to have died in the crash, including four pilots, two mechanics, and a loadmaster.