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Poker is very much an international game. We only have to look at the number of cities that the European Poker Tour dates to see how popular poker is in a variety of different locations. Many of the venues are stunning casinos, often with a rich history to them, so those who are poker fans tend to get a lot out of visiting.

In this guide, we’re exploring the countries that have a rich history with poker and specifically tournament play, where people can watch or join in with the tournament play.

An Evolving World of Poker

Sometimes visiting historic venues can help to underline just how much poker has changed over the years. One change is the fact that poker is now much more popular than it has ever been with over 100 million players worldwide.

Of course, as well as playing in-person at some of the venues mentioned in this guide, people have the option to play online. It can be quick to join in, as sit-and-go tournaments offer a chance for players to find opponents really quickly. In these tournaments, the play starts as soon as there are enough players around the table, so tournaments don’t have to be organized in advance.

These types of tournaments can take place in person as well as online, and players can hone their sit-and-go poker tournament strategy online before they play in person at a physical venue, too. Some of these tournaments take place between two players, so it isn’t essential to sit and wait for a lot of players to join in, either.

By learning about strategy, players can establish when to raise the stakes, when to bet aggressively, and when to fold their hands. Though this is just one of a huge number of ways to play poker, it is one of the simplest for players to get involved in. It is also an online tournament that can prepare and educate players about what some in-person tournaments are like.

Strategy is crucial for anyone who wants to attempt playing poker, but even for spectators, understanding the strategy can be a good way to add some interest and understanding of what is going on inside poker players’ heads. With a bit more knowledge, it could be time to head to some famous poker destinations.



It is estimated that over 60 million people in the US play poker, and the 20 to 30-year-old demographic is one of the most popular. This means that it is very likely that the number will continue to rise.

Of course, we can’t look far beyond Nevada, and Las Vegas in particular, as being the poker capital of the world. There are poker games going on pretty much 24/7 along the strip, and huge events such as the WSOP that take place in Vegas on a regular basis. Iconic places to stay include the Luxor and the Bellagio, which allow poker players to be right at the heart of the action.

Other states have poker games too, but it is important to remember that each state has its own laws and regulations on poker.



Germans certainly love casino games, and it is one of the top European countries for poker. In fact, if you look through some of the best poker players of all time you will notice quite a few Germans on the list.

Iconic venues where they play a lot of poker include Casino Schenefeld near Hamburg, where there are regular tournaments. When the European Poker Tour comes to Germany the tournament tends to take place at the Casino Hohensyburg, Dortmund.



Since 1960 when the laws on gambling were simplified in the UK, the gambling industry has continued to boom. Both online gambling and in-person tournaments are popular, and there are over 100 different casinos in England alone.

London features some truly iconic casinos including the Hippodrome and Grosvenor, where there are regular poker tournaments that people can view or get involved in. However, it is not just London where we find casinos, cities like Manchester also have some in-person venues that can be visited. Online casinos operate throughout the country, of course, and the UK is home to some huge online casino brands.


There are so many locations where people can enjoy poker games around Europe and the rest of the world. Many Asian cities and countries including the region of Macao are famous for their casinos too. In Europe, a lot of people flock to the Spanish city of Barcelona (another EPT venue) as well as cities like Prague, where there is a thriving poker scene.

As poker continues to grow in popularity, there are likely to be even more people visiting different countries to check out their casinos and what the poker community is like all over the world.