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All you need to know about renting an apartment in another country

Renting an apartment in another country requires much planning. This is all you need to know about renting an apartment in another country.

My Next Adventures with Celebrating Queen

My Adventures with Celebrating Queen, the US based Queen Tribute Band, continues this September and October. There are two more concerts in the coming 5 weeks and I am looking forward to meeting up with the Celebrating Queen band to fulfil these dates. The following...

Gambling Has Significantly Boosted U.S Revenue, Especially In New York

While gambling is frowned upon in some circles, its economic impact is undeniable. Gambling is a huge industry worldwide and brings governments millions in revenue on a yearly basis. The U.S has been a major benefiary despite legalization across states occurring...

Tips to Improve your Twitter Account in 2021

Easy Twitter Tips to improve your Twitter account in 2021 I have been on Twitter 12 years now (as of April 21st 2020) and over the past 9 years I have come to love the platform. For me,​ Twitter is a source of news, opinion and interesting articles as well as the odd...

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