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With the last of the World Group Matches today there are some matches which could have the possibility of an upset.

North Korea v Ivory Coast
No chance of an upset here, I can’t see North Korea doing anything only losing.
Ivory Coast need a good few goals to stand a chance of qualifying.
I think Ivory Coast should win this one by 3 or 4 clear goals.

Portugal v Brazil
This is where we might see an upset – Brazil looked good in the past few matches and if they take Portugal lightly I think it could end a draw or Portugal might even edge it.
I’m Sitting on the fence ; 1-1 draw.

Chile v Spain
Spain, favorites at the start of the World Cup, need to win and I think should win if they get on top of their game.
Chile 0 – Spain 2 (or 3)

Switzerland v Honduras
Switzerland need to win to stand a chance. They could put a few past Honduras and if they win by 2 more goals than Spain, they will qualify even if Spain win.
Switzerland 3 – 0 Honduras

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