If you have watched any of the matches in the world cup then you will have heard the annoying dull drone of the vuvuzela (or Vous Vous Zella as I have seen them being spelled online). Pressure is now growing on the World Cup organisers to ban the use of vuvuzelas following many complaints from top players, TV broadcasters and world cup fans. This dreadful plastic horn is spoiling the tournament on TV and I am now turning down the volume on the TV as it grates on your ears after a while.

The vuvuzelas or Vous Vous Zellas are extremely popular among South African fans, and many teams were warned about the effect of the vuvuzela on the pitch. Many broadcasters have complained that commentary cannot be heard. France even had the nerve that the vuvuzela was a factor in their poor display in their goalless draw with Uruguay. (not because they played bad or were unable to cheat or handball).

But South Africa call the vuvuzela their “12th man that we need … our weapon”.

If the vuvuzela is not banned coult the psychological influence and noise distraction help then through to the latter stages of the competition?


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