I found this on-line and just thought it was a great idea of how twist in a news story can make for a great marketing viral video. Although this video is funny – the placing of cats into bins is not.

As you know in England a woman put an unfortunate and defenseless cat into a wheelie bin. The video below is a great turn around on that – with a very obvious outcome.

The latest on the woman who put the cat in the bin is that she thought it was funny at the time and that it was really out for character for her. The bank clerk enraged cat and animal lovers around the world when she was caught on the cat owners CCTV footage  grabbing  4 year-old Lola the cat by the scruff of the neck and tossing her in a bin. The RSPCA had meetings with her today and are deciding on their next move.

The  backlash is that death threats have been made against her online (with some facebook groups setup against her), she said she was “profoundly sorry” for her actions against the cat.

You can see more footage on Sky News by clicking here

Kilkenny v Tipperary Update – September 2nd

Tipperary supporters have taken this on board and there is a video on YouTube of a Tipperary woman putting the Kilkenny Cat into the Bin.

“5 in a Row My Arse”? … Lets wait until Sunday and see…. odds of a draw are only 12/1, but I think Kilkenny could do it but it will be a close game…..

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