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It has been reported that the new N25 Bypass and landmark cablestay bridge is set to open on Tuesday 20th October following an opening ceremony which will take place on Monday 19th October. There will be an inauguration ceremony on Monday 19th and it is hoped that the toll plaza will be fully operational with the bridge open for business, first thing on Tuesday morning.

New Waterford Bridge Open Soon

New Waterford Bridge Open Soon

The work on the new bridge has been completed well ahead of schedule and is set to become a landmark which Waterford will be associated with…. Waterford version of the Eiffel Tower (JOKING!!).

The new road from Waterford to Knocktopher will be open before Christmas but it is not clear if the road all the way to Kilkenny will be open during this time. When the full N9/M9 is completed Dublin will be about 1h 15 mins away.

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