Singapore is an amazing place and having recently visited the city I have outlined some of the Top 5 things to do when visiting Singapore.

Flight Simulator Experience

Take command of a Boeing 737-800 in this 100% realistic flight simulator. The cockpit is exactly as per the 737-800, with overhead panel, auto-pilot etc. You get full instruction from your co-pilot who is fully trained and can help you get the most from the flight sim experience. This simulator is exactly the same as pilots use for flight training and you can choose from over than 20,000 worldwide airports and use the same operating procedures as the real airlines. No experience necessary as full instruction will be provided.You can get 30 minute to 2 hour flights, and if you do this, you should really get the DVD which is only S$20 extra.

I did the 30 minute flight from Hong Kong international to Kai Tak (now decomissioned as an airport but was one of the most iconic landings in recent flight history). I then had time to do a touch and go at Dublin Airport followed by a Full Stop Landing. (However the Traffic Collision system onboard, TCAS, told me that I came with 1km of an inbound flight which wuld have been frowned upon in real life). Thanksfully, all my landings were completed successfully and I was told to perhaps consider taking some lessons as my insructor said flight skills were very good. I hope to upload some of the flight video very soon…
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Take a City Tour – Tour East

When in Singapore you should do a guided tour of the city. The reasons are two fold, (a) its a very busy city and it would be hard to cover everything if you were only in the city for a short time and (b) it can get quite hot and getting from one sight to the next via an airc-onditioned bus is most welcome.
The tour company we used was Tour East and the sights covered the Mer Lion (which is an icon of Singapore and was stupidly converted into an eyesore of a hotel while we were there), you also got to see the Thian Hock Keng Temple and Chinatown. we then visited a Local Handicraft Centre (which we didn’t like, its a bit commercial but some might like it). One of the highlights is visiting the National Orchid Garden located within Singapore Botanic Gardens – you get 45 mins here but if you didn’t stop at the handicraft centre you could easily have over an hour here. The final stop is at Little India, a bustling Indian hub within Singapore. If you want you can pay a little extra to take in the Singapore Flyer (a giant wheel similar to the London Eye … see below)
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Eat in a local restaurant and a walk around Clarke Quay

Tne of the best things about Singapore is the excellent local food. There are many restaurants around Clarke Quay, and this becomes a buzzing nightlife area after 6pm. Its nice to walk the circuit before you make your decision on food as all tastes are catered for, from Indian, Japanese, Italian and Chinese food, Look for the restaurants with the most locals. We found the Jumbo seafood restaurant. Excellent food, try the fish in ginger and spring onion. .
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Ride the Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest observation wheel and is a stunning 165m high. (30 metres taller than the London Eye). As the wheel turns, you get visual 360 degree view of Singapores landscape and historical landmarks. With views of the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Merlion Park, Empress Place and the Padang. It is good in the day but best around Sunset – the ride takes 30 minutes and if you time it right you can get day and dusk views of the city from the Singapore Flyer.
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Get a fish pedicure while you have a Back massage

On Level 2 of the Singapore Flyer comples you can get your feet sorted by tiny fish and get a back massage as this is happening. The fish foot spa is where Doctor Fishes or “Garra Rufa”, give you a pedicure you won’t forget. The back massage is excellent and reflexology is also provided in this area … don’t forget to try out the chinese tea if you are there for a while.
Details : Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa, Located at: Level 2 of Singapore Flyer Complex, #02-08 : Tel: (65) 6565 0303 :: Open Daily from 10am – 11pm

Singapore by Night from the Fairmont Hotel

Singapore by Night from the Fairmont Hotel

Singapore is a fantastic place to visit and if you are planning to go there and you are looking for a good hotel, then the Fairmont Singapore is worth looking at…. I will post a review of this hotel soon !

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